Blue Caprice is a dark, brutal tale based on the true story of the DC Beltway snipers in 2002. Moors’s film is an unrelenting look at the incomprehensibility behind evil and the callousness that can dominate a killer’s mindset. The movie follows Lee (Tequan Richmond), a young boy who comes to America under the wings of a mysterious father figure, John (Isaiah Washington), who encourages murder and learning weaponry skills. The film brilliantly foreshadows the imminence of their terror, often having John stand behind objects that simulate a prison cell; he’s a man who will be enclosed, and who is enclosed by his own emotions. He’s savage, manipulating Lee into thinking that killing can be justified when it’s this empty and remorseless; Lee’s reading of the word “remorse” when looking at snipers is impressive. Washington’s performance is very effective, occasionally humanizing a man that we begin to realize is the essence of evil. He’s destroyed a young man’s life under the semblance of providing him protection. Richmond’s even better, silently brilliant as a young man who needs that type of parental guidance. This is a film about a young man that needs help in finding out how to live his life, but instead gets brought into a world of evil.

Grade: ★★★ (out of 5)

Written by Eric Forthun