Disconnect is a revelation from five years ago, in the sense that these ideas have been present in many works since technology began to take over our lives. That doesn’t make the film any less compelling, though, for the idea of these disconnected individuals who hope to find some type of human connection speaks wonders about how we interact in today’s world. We’re all so wired and focused on our devices, how we communicate indirectly, that when it comes to human contact, we seemingly forget how to do so. There’s a brilliance underlying that component of the film, despite the film’s structure borrowing heavily from Crash and Magnolia. There’s also a certain element of cyber connections with young people that relates to 2011’s Trust, a great film focusing on a child predator connecting online with a young girl. And while this film doesn’t hold the greatness of those previous two mentions, it stands on its own as a commendable, emotional, excellently acted, and overall solid effort.

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Written by Eric Forthun