Epic is a fine enough film for young children, but its lack of engagement with adults leads to a menial, simple adventure that lacks the power of recent Disney and Pixar efforts. I know, this is a children’s animated film, and I’m technically not the core audience of such a feature. Yet the occasionally original bits in this film get weighed down by simplistic character developments and a wondrous looking world that leaves a lot to be desired in terms of retention. I can’t name a character from the film, I can’t identify any themes I hadn’t seen before in better animated films (i.e., recent great animations like Brave, Wreck-It Ralph, and the upcoming Monsters University, which is terrific), and the story is not engaging on its own level. There’s a great voice cast here, with actors like Christoph Waltz and Colin Farrell lending plenty to the feel of the film, and the 3D in the film’s opening sequences is breathtaking. This is a visually stunning film, one with fluid camera movements and beautifully depth-driven animation, but as a whole the experience is empty and forgettable.

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Written by Eric Forthun