Oh Boy is light-hearted and strange, a film about a man who has the worst luck I’ve seen for a protagonist this year. Tom Schilling’s performance in the lead is nuanced but a bit haphazard, reflecting upon the nature of the way the character is written. The film won Best Film at the German Film Awards, but outside of being an amicable, giggle-worthy comedy, I don’t see how this is a comedy we haven’t seen before. Its message is muddled and unfocused by its conclusion, despite some thematic ties with nature and one’s ability to control their own affairs. Oh Boy is an easy, occasionally humorous watch, but it’s more concerned with being blandly charming rather than thought-provoking.

Grade: ★★ (out of 5)

Note: this is one of a few films I saw at the Scottsdale International Film Festival, so reviews are shorter than ones for commercial releases.

Written by Eric Forthun