Pain & Gain is an idiotic film that has grown on me over the last few days; upon initial watch, I considered it one of the worst releases I’ve seen in years, a genuinely deplorable piece of filmmaking with no merit whatsoever. I still think it’s a terrible film, but there’s a certain idea about fitness being a religion and drug to these people that makes for a compelling concept. Its execution, largely due to Michael Bay’s traditional emphasis of loud scenes, obnoxious characters, misogynistic comments, and general lack of self-control behind the camera, makes the movie a horrid watch, primarily because its interesting message gets muddled underneath all this bad filmmaking. This is the type of movie that other countries will watch and laugh at, not with, giving Americans and their filmmaking a bad name. I promise, we have better people and stuff than this; The Rock and Mark Wahlberg deserve a better film, for they are charismatic and likable. But this film is a load of garbage.

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Written by Eric Forthun