The Story of Luke tackles autism in an effective, moving way, something only daring films can really pull off despite a lot going against them. This one’s defined by its lead performance, a great one by Lou Taylor Pucci that balances remarkably sincere comedy with deep analysis of a troubled individual. His search for a job and beginning his own life comes across as an odd man’s coming-of-age story, but what works is the film’s deft blend of comedy and human drama. It makes or breaks a film with this potential, but there’s an honesty that comes forth when we realize that sometimes we need to laugh at the things in life that hurt the most. There are many touching scenes here, particularly with Elwes handling his small role effectively, and the movie itself feels heartfelt, even if the unfocused conclusion could use refinement. This is a smart, quiet film, but it’s one that earns the emotion it gets.

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Written by Eric Forthun