Dealin’ with Idiots isn’t so much a film as a collection of eclectic characters and uncomfortable interactions, which makes for a hit-and-miss affair. I admire Jeff Garlin’s attempt at crafting a film about eccentricities and the weirdly specific topic of abrasive, controlling parents working in little league baseball. It’s a topic ripe for comedy, and more specifically satire, which should work in favor of these mostly improvisational comedians and their quick deliveries. But the movie never dives into a complete storyline or understands the breadth of its reach. Hearing Bob Odenkirk discuss his sad sack job and Fred Willard say pretty much anything is hilarious; a lot of the dialogue outside of that, though, is circular and aggressively pointless. I wish there was more bite to Dealin’ with Idiots; Garlin’s a talented comedian, and he’ll find a stronger film to make. 

Grade: ★½ (out of 5)

Written by Eric Forthun