Endless Love is such a degrading piece of romance that is utterly nonsensical and devoid of any sense of human emotion. It’s one of those lowest-common denominator romances that Hollywood churns out every year, a reminder of the stereotypes surrounding young love that continue to persist in cinema. Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde star as star-struck lovers coming from different worlds; him playing David as an intelligent valet that hopes to go to college or work in his father’s auto shop, and her playing Jade as a beautiful, rich girl that apparently got no attention in high school and has never been in love. She falls in love with him in less than 24 hours and has sex with him in front of a fireplace, and they love each other because of reasons! They have to, obviously, or else the movie wouldn’t exist. Jade seems to love her career path, which makes it even more striking that she wants to give up any sense of future by running off with this guy. Bruce Greenwood provides some sensibility playing Jade’s father, but his character falls into some unintentionally hilarious pitfalls (an upward shot on a boat depicts him as some grotesquely evil presence). Endless Love is one of the most remarkable films of the year, in that it provides us with an inane and offensive romance while remaining so consistently dull. 

Grade: ★ (out of 5)

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Written by Eric Forthun