Fed Up is a documentary that works as a call to action because the change lies within us as individuals. The film highlights the way that fast food has permeated our culture, leading to widespread weight and health issues in the United States and the deception the media has crafted surrounding healthy eating and exercise. The mixture of the two is a myth. Healthy eating is not low-fat foods because the companies simply replace the fat with sugar; you won’t lose any weight by doing that. Rather, by eating locally grown foods and preparing your own meals, we can buck the trend that’s been developing with diabetes and cancer due to health concerns in the nation. The film features many talking heads and never feels aesthetically unique, but the information it provides is built for sustainability and calls for us to change the way we view food. Drinking a Coca-Cola during watching made me genuinely feel upset with myself, and afterwards I felt the desire to change the way I perceive my own diet. Fed Up is an important film. 

Grade: ★ (out of 5)

Written by Eric Forthun