Paranormal Activity was a moderately refreshing concept back in 2009, reigniting the found footage genre and bringing about three sequels and the latest prequel. The Marked Ones, the latest iteration in the franchise, is vaguely different from the other films but follows the same, now tired formula: barely doling out information, giving “hints” at where the story’s going, providing jump scares and nothing particularly creepy, and then filling its conclusion with insanity that asks more questions than it answers. It’s apparent now that the series is clearly a cash-grab; at least with Paranormal Activity 3, the film was legitimately scary and built the mythology in an excitingly new way. Now, the series is exhaustingly boring and, when providing slightly redeemable scares, washes away any semblance of credibility by frustrating the audience more than rewarding them. The sixth film is set to release in October. It may be the first in the series I have genuinely no interest in seeing. 

Grade: ★ (out of 5)

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Written by Eric Forthun