Ride Along is a buddy cop comedy that works when the actors use their chemistry to play off each other, but mostly ends up wallowing in the conventions and cheap jokes within an archaic script. Kevin Hart has emerged as not only one of the strongest box office draws, but also a bonafide presence in what feels like every major comedy over the past twelve months. The movie centers on his high school security guard, Ben, who hopes to win over his girlfriend and propose to her. He has to go through her tough-as-nails cop brother, James (Ice Cube), who insists that Ben join him on a ride along for 24 hours. He aspires to be a cop, too, but his small figure and general lack of knowledge on cop happenings leads to a bunch of comedic set-ups surrounding his size. Hart’s a more talented comedian than the film assumes, and Cube (or is it Ice?) is a fine figure when he’s not going through the motions. This is such a bland, absurd comedy that it ultimately stretches credibility when it attempts to assert it near the conclusion; that makes for a haphazard comedy that never finds its proper footing. 

Grade:  (out of 5)

Written by Eric Forthun