This June, Bear Reviews is celebrating the release of Inside Out by looking back at some of Pixar’s classic films. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your local zoo. Bear Reviews is reviewing old Pixar movies, just for you!


There are no bears in Ratatouille, but there are a whole bunch of rats. And while I have not taken a math class in a while, I still don’t think that quantitatively any amount of rats equals one bear.

But what Ratatouille lacks in bears, it makes up for in pure foodie-ness, which ties in nicely with our current coverage of NBC’s Hannibal, which just got cancelled because nobody watched it! So while there is no bear link, there is a thematic link. And besides, who can say that Ratatouille is not simply an origin story for Hannibal Lecter? Fan theories are all the rage these days, and both Remy and Hannibal enjoy cooking and have been to Paris, so clearly they are actually the same person and it turns out that Linguine has been dead the whole time. You’ll never watch Pixar movies the same way again!

Grade: Zero/Five bears.

Thanks for tuning in to this trip down Pixar Memory Lane with Bear Review. Next month, to get in the mood for the end of Marvel’s Phase Two, we’re going to revisit the Phase One films. Do they have any bears in them? Let’s find out!

Written by Daniel Mizell