Note: The following contains spoilers.


Ginger Snaps is just a phenomenal coming of age tale with a fantastic sister dynamic. I love how as Ginger physically ages and becomes more “mature,” it’s Bridget who actually starts acting as adult as one can when dealing with werewolves. I love how in one of the final scenes where Bridget tries drinking Sam’s blood with Ginger, Bridget just can’t bring herself to enjoy it and vomits it back up. As hard as life may get, and as much as Bridget may just want to give in to nihilism and the like, she can’t because she’s a fighter. I love how the movie manages to humanize the “mean girl” protagonist in her final scene before her death. I love how I spent most of the movie annoyed by the mom character and how she clearly had no idea how to connect with her children in anyway shape or form, but that the character managed to break my heart in her tearful last conversation with Bridget. Is it clear yet that I loved this movie and that anyone who hasn’t seen it should watch it yesterday?

Written by Daniel Mizell