Note: The following contains spoilers.


In some ways I appreciate The New Blood more than most Friday the 13th movies. It at times manages to hit the “fun” tone that Jason Lives wanted to hit with better results, but the decision to have Jason face a telepath is probably an interesting one that was just executed in a boring fashion. By itself, the idea of a character in a slasher movie getting visions of being killed is such a fun premise that I’m amazed they don’t really do anything with it at all. You could remove the visions from the movie and change nothing of importance. All that matters is that Tina and Jason end up facing off against one another at the end in a display of cheap special effects (but great make-up on Jason), and you wind up right back in the same place.

Also, isn’t it kinda weird that the character who gets the final “hero moment” is an abusive, alcoholic father?

Written by Daniel Mizell