Warning: The following contains spoilers.


I haven’t yet watched any of the Friday the 13th movies after the fourth one, but I know the basics of how supernatural they get with regards to Jason’s origin and the source of his “powers” in later entries. With that knowledge, it’s interesting to contrast just how grounded they attempt to make Jason in this second entry, and how that makes for some slightly funny moments. The scene at the bar where Ginny busts out her child psychology skills on how messed up Jason might be after surviving his “drowning” more or less serves as the origin story for Jason, but I can’t help but laugh under my breath at the idea that this essentially feral man has alarmingly clean clothes and has avoided detection for all these years.

I know suspension of disbelief is critical, especially in horror movies, but having both Ginny’s explanation and Jason’s clean presentation makes for a case where the filmmakers somehow both grounded Jason too much and not enough in this film. To me at least, the ending to the original movie already leans slightly on the supernatural. Jason leaping out of the middle of the lake, covered in grime and looking slightly deformed suggests that he’s more half-dead than alive but…maladjusted.

Written by Daniel Mizell