Note: The following contains spoilers.


Old Godzilla movies can look kind of silly to a modern audience. If you’re used to the constant CGI barrages that blockbuster movies often are nowadays, the cheesy man-in-the-rubber-suit look of a movie such as King Kong vs Godzilla might just make you roll your eyes and put on a different movie. But when the movie makes its way to Skull Island to introduce Kong to the audience by having him fight a giant octopus, for a few minutes the franchise abandons the rubber suit elements to go in favor of rear projections and other special effects. And while these effects might be dated but understandable in most franchises, in the Godzilla one they just really don’t work. The contrast between the rear projections and the tangible suits makes things feel entirely at odds with themselves during the scene, and they make the rubber suits play as downright earnest when put alongside this early bit of movie magic.

Written by Daniel Mizell