NOTE: The following contains spoilers.


While it is tempting to spend the entirety of this review talking about Sleepaway Camp’s twist (and why recent events may lead it to be less effective than it was on release), I want to highlight some of the delightfully surreal bits of the movie, starting with Aunt Martha. She’s probably on screen for less than five minutes, but I love this character and wish she had somehow made her way into a David Lynch movie. Desiree Gould’s line readings are somehow weird enough to be clearly jarring, but not quite weird enough to seem entirely impossible for a person in the real world to say. It’s impeccable how well the tightrope is walked here.

I also need to give a shout out to the shirt that Judy wears during the volleyball scene, which quite simply has “JUDY” written in it across the top. Maybe things were just different in the ’80s and I’m too much of a whippersnapper to remember the times, but this detail had me practically rolling on the floor at how great it was. If there was ever a perfectly simple way of highlighting someone’s narcissism, it’s having them wear a shirt that just says their name on it. In a lot of modern storytelling we have a tendency to over-explain certain things, but I almost want an origin story for this shirt, damn it. Did she make it herself? Did her parents give it to her as a gift, contributing to her narcissism? Is there a more surreal explanation that would be even more perfect? Probably, but that answer is likely lost to time.

Written by Daniel Mizell