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“House of Cards”: What’s Going On with Claire Underwood?

Warning: This post contains spoilers about season three of House of Cards. One of the biggest complaints about the third season of House of Cards is the slow build up to real drama. This is a reasonable concern to have; Frank is now President, and he can’t run freely around Washington to pit people against each other or… Read more »

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The Americans: “Salang Pass” Review

Note: The following review contains spoilers. Read further at your own discretion. There was a lot of talk after last week’s excellent episode “Dimebag” about how viewers were more or less fine with watching Philip and Elizabeth murder people, but that watching Philip seduce an underage girl (Who we learn is barely fifteen in “Salang… Read more »

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The Americans: “Baggage” Review

  I don’t have any data backing this suspicion up, but I’ve often thought that “The Americans” might have the highest Sex scene-to-Episode ratio on television. Thinking about it more, “Masters of Sex” probably takes the cake or comes close, but it sometimes borders on comical just how much sex there is in “The Americans.”… Read more »

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The Americans: “EST Men” Review

Warning: The follow review contains spoilers. Looking back, the second season premiere of “The Americans” did a remarkable job of setting up the season’s themes. From the very first scene with Elizabeth and the deer, we knew that the Jennings would be dealing with keeping their children out of danger. The whole season built on… Read more »

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“Broad City” and “Girls”: Not the Best Comparison

I got on the “Broad City” train pretty late (By which I mean “I started watching on Tuesday”). After devouring the first season, I went back and read some reviews of the early episodes and noticed a common comparison that was made by both critics and commenters. Both groups were quick to compare “Broad City”… Read more »