All of these movies have a powerful lesson in them, and they are all inspiring. Movies like The Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, and The Karate Kid inspire us to write because they show the power of writing and how it can change people’s lives.

The 10 Movies That Inspire To Write are movies that have inspired many people to write. These films are listed in order of release date. Read more in detail here: movies about writers.

Writing is wonderful, but there is a limit to how much inspiration you can have. Even the greatest and most well-known writers often lack inspiration. You just don’t have any ideas or a desire to write. It’s better if you write for yourself and no one else relies on you, and you don’t rely on anybody else. If you’re a student who has to write an essay quickly, though, you can’t wait to be inspired.

Who can make me want to write? This is a common question among students and freelancers. If you’re suffering from a severe case of writer’s block, custom essay writing services may be able to assist you overcome your lack of creativity, but there are also other options.

Some students are required to discuss or evaluate particular films in their essays, while others are searching for inspirational films to write about. Whatever you’re working on, the following list of inspirational films can help you become one of the most innovative writers in your group (or in your college).

Julie and Julia are a couple.


Julie and Julia is a 2009 film based on a true tale of a blogger. You should absolutely watch this film if you haven’t already. Julie is a food blogger who prepares Julia Child’s dishes and writes about them.

This video does a fantastic job of highlighting Julia Child’s background. The narrative twists and turns unexpectedly, despite the fact that everything seems to be fairly ordinary at first. The film is intriguing because it weaves together two tales from different eras. The story’s two major protagonists never meet, and they have never met in real life.

Check out this blogger’s tale, her challenges, and how she deals with them.

2. Misery


Misery was filmed in 1990 and is based on one of Stephen King’s best-selling books from 1987. As one would expect, this is an irony rather than a comedy. Many authors are drawn to the film since the storyline revolves on a best-selling book.

The only film based on King’s books to win an Academy Award is this one. If you like psychological horror films, this is the film for you. You’ll find it terrifying, thrilling, and inspirational all at the same time. The film forces authors to reconsider their objectives and priorities.

3. Nearly Famous


The tale of a 15-year-old sheltered writer who is working on a freelance project for Rolling Stone magazine. From the first minute, the storyline holds your interest. You’ll like the characters and the storyline, which is extremely genuine.

The fact that the tale is semi-autobiographical adds to its allure. The film revolves on the main character’s love of rock music. The character’s battle for inspiration and writing is something that is extremely apparent and deserves analyzing.

4. The Love of Shakespeare


One of the greatest tales about authors that will transport you to 400 years ago England. You’ll love this light romantic comedy.

If you like Shakespeare, you will enjoy this film. You will definitely love the film even if you just appreciate excellent historical films. The environment is very realistic. This film has many topics that may be noticed and studied.

The film takes a unique look at the writing of Romeo and Juliet. We get to see Shakespeare’s difficulties and how he unexpectedly finds inspiration. Who else, if not this great writer, can serve as the finest model for contemporary writers?

5. You’ve Received Mail


If you’re a writer or simply a student looking for something to write about, You’ve Got Mail is the film for you. It’s thrilling to create your own work of literature, as well as an incredible narrative to discuss in an essay or movie review.

The storyline revolves on the publishing business. You now have the option of using the Internet to assist you in writing and generating amazing ideas. This tale, however, takes place at a period when the Internet was only beginning to gain popularity as a means of communication.

Because they don’t know one other in real life, two individuals who are almost enemies in real life are the closest online. Their conversation was kept private. It’s motivating because it emphasizes the importance of letter writing and how romantic it can be.

Moonlight is number six.


In 2016, the film was directed. Although the storyline is not typical of writers, it is one of the greatest films to inspire them. The narrative, on the other hand, strikes a chord with the audience. The story follows one kid through three phases of his life, from adolescence to adulthood.

This film may not teach you how to write, but it will provide you with different inspiration and ideas for your projects. Be conscious of the color palette and tone you use in your tales.

7. The Society of Dead Poets


If you haven’t yet discovered the joys of reading, this film is for you. Through his unconventional techniques, an English instructor will demonstrate the beauty of reading and writing. If you still don’t understand why language and literature are so fascinating and great, watch this film to gain some pointers and be inspired.

You’ll discover how literature has the power to affect everyone’s soul. In fact, this tale would be ideal for instructors. However, if you are a student, you should undoubtedly watch it as well. Writers will appreciate it much more.

8. Astrid’s Ascension (Swedish: Unga Astrid)


This is a biographical drama about the life of Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren, which was directed in 2018. Since the film was made in Denmark and Sweden, few people have seen it.

Astrid Lindgren is a Swedish novelist whose novels have been read by almost every kid on the planet. Astrid Lindgren gets messages from children across the world. An 18-year-old girl falls in love with a chief editor who is 30 years her senior while working at a small newspaper.

After becoming pregnant, Astrid travels to Denmark to give birth to her son Lars. She must, unfortunately, leave her kid with a Danish family for a period of time till he is several years old. This is the real tale of an internationally acclaimed writer.

Learn about people’s real difficulties throughout those trying times and how, despite it all, they found motivation to write and still enjoy life.

The Ghost Writer (number 9)


The Ghost Writer is a popular political thriller in which the protagonist writes memoirs for a retiring Prime Minister. He does not expect the job to be difficult and believes that everything will be simple. However, the writer eventually learns how much he puts his own life at danger since the knowledge he discovers should never have been revealed to him.

The Words (10)


An very inspirational film about a writer who can’t find inspiration and misses the deadline for submitting his novel. Suddenly, he comes upon a book that piques his attention. The writer chooses to submit it as his own due to a lack of creativity. It was a huge hit, and he became very well-known as a result.

However, his world is turned upside down one day when an unknown guy informs him that the book he published was not authored by him. Avoid plagiarism whether you’re a student or author searching for inspiration online or from other sources.

The film serves as a good reminder that no matter what we’re writing, we must properly acknowledge our sources. Even if you come across great words, keep in mind that they were penned by someone else.


The movie about a writer who falls in love is one of the movies that inspired me to write. It was a movie about writing and the struggles that come with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which movies have the best writing?

I dont know.

What movie has the most writers?

The most writers on a single project is the movie Titanic with an astounding 1,223.

Which is the most inspirational movie?


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