Fairy Tail is one of the most popular anime series in the world. The show has had a huge impact on pop culture, inspiring numerous spin-offs and games. With over 400 characters to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down who are the strongest. This list will rank 20 of the strongest characters in order from weakest to strongest.

The strongest fairy tail characters 2020 is a list of the 20 strongest and most popular Fairy Tail characters.

Because the Fairy Tail series has such a diverse variety of magical powers, I decided to compile a list of the finest. To accomplish so, I looked up the most powerful characters who have achieved such great strength as a result of their unique Magic talents.

Here are the top 20 most powerful Fairy Tail characters, along with their individual Magic talents, a short description, and some of their most renowned combat exploits.

Rogue Cheney is number 20.

Rogue Cheney is one of the Sabertooth guild’s two Dragon Slayers. The Sabertooth guild was formerly regarded as Fiore’s most powerful guild. Rogue is a member of the Sabertooth Twin Dragons. He was one of the Dragon Slayers sent into the future 400 years ago to battle Acnologia. 

Rogue is a third-generation Dragon Slayer, meaning he learnt Dragon Slayer magic from his adoptive father, Skiadrum, and was also given a Dragon Lacryma to increase his strength even further.

Rogue’s Shadow Dragon Slayer magic is regarded as one of the series’ quickest Magic skills, as it allows him to blend with shadows and “crawl” over his opponents, making it ideal for dodging and sneak strikes. Furthermore, until Rogue is touched, his Magic becomes totally intangible, like a shadow, unless he is touched.

Rogue has easy access to Dragon Force, a form that makes them as strong as dragons, in addition to all of these powers. Rogue was included on the list because he is as powerful as Sting and can aid in the defeat of Acnologia. Despite the fact that the latter had a greater accomplishment than he had.

Sting Eucliffe is 19 years old.


Sting is the second half of the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth, and he is also one of their most powerful members. His abilities and strength led to him becoming the guild leader of Sabertooth, thereby making him the guild’s most powerful member. He was sent 400 years into the future, much like the other Dragon Slayers, to aid in the defeat of Acnologia.

Sting is a third-generation Dragon Slayer who acquired a Dragon Lacryma from his adoptive father, Weisslogia, in addition to innate Dragon Slayer Magic.

Sting claims that he possesses the power of the “judgment of holy white” because of his White Dragon Slayer Magic, which allows him to create and manipulate light. It allows him to enhance his damage by using light in the form of blasts, orbs, and beams. He may also utilize the light to temporarily blind his foes.

Sting, being a third-generation Dragon Slayer, has the ability to summon Dragon Force whenever he wants. His battle scene against Larcade Dragneel, one of the powerful Spriggan 12, was one of his most remarkable achievements, and he also helped beat Acnologia in the end.

Wendy Marvell is 18 years old.

Wendy Marvell is a Fairy Tail member and another Dragon Slayer. She was a member of Cait Shelter until joining Fairy Tail after discovering that her old guildmates were spirit projections. She was also transported 400 years into the future to aid in the eradication of Acnologia.

Wendy also had Grandeeney as a foster parent, who taught her Wind Dragon Slayer Magic. Wind Dragon Slayer Magic’s primary goal is to help its comrades, such as by healing them or increasing their attack and defense.

Irene Belserion, Dimaria Yesta, and Acnologia were all defeated thanks to her ability to use support Magic. Her Magic may also aid her in defeating opponents who frequently misjudge her due to her tiny stature. 

Wendy has also been reported to be able to do sophisticated enchantment magic after realizing that her Dragon Slayer Magic is linked to this kind of magic. She can acquire access to Dragon Force, which is much more powerful than the Twin Dragons, by ingesting a source of very powerful magic.

Gajeel Redfox (#17)


Gajeel is a member of Fairy Tail, although he was formerly an adversary and a member of the Phantom Lord guild. He is considered to be one of the guild’s most powerful members, often rivaling Natsu in terms of strength. He’s also renowned for his incredible skills as a Dragon Slayer.

Metallicana, a dragon, adopted him as a first-generation Dragon Slayer. He can create and transform his body into iron at will thanks to his Iron Dragon Slayer Magic. As a result, he has the ability to transform his body into iron weapons for cutting and blunt assaults.

He has the ability to become as tough as iron. His Dragon Slayer Magic isn’t just based on iron; he also understands how to ingest other chemicals and combine them with his already potent magic.

By devouring the shadows created by Rogue, he was able to acquire the power of Shadow Dragon Slayer in one occurrence. Gajeel also learned Steel Dragon Slaying Magic when fighting one of Tartaros’ demons, who utilized carbon to poison its foes, which Gajeel ingested to combine with his Iron. Finally, this thug has access to Dragon Force, which gives him even more devastating power to go along with his berserker combat style.

Dimaria Yesta is 16 years old.

The Spriggan 12 are some of the most powerful characters in the whole series, showing that they are fully deserving of being the series’ ultimate opponents. One of them is Dimaria Yesta. She is regarded as one of the series’ most fearsome female combatants, similar to Erza, who wields a sword. 

Dimaria has a strong form of Time Magic in addition to being superhuman in terms of strength and speed while fighting with a sword. Her form of Time Magic enables her to freeze time, giving her the appearance of being superhumanly fast. This revealed her to be a very deadly opponent, and it required Wendy and Sheria’s combined efforts to beat her.

15. Fullbuster Gray


Gray is a member of Fairy Tail and one of the series’ main protagonists. He’s famous for his ability to create ice and use it as a weapon. Throughout the series, his Ice-Make talent is said to have produced a large number of weapons. He also has the ability to summon Iced Shell, a creature that gives up his life in return for freezing his foes.

In addition, after he discovered his father’s real identity, he learnt how to use Demon Slayer Magic, an incredibly strong type of magic that is ideal against Demons, thanks to his Demon ancestry.

He also employs Ice in his Demon Slayer Magic, allowing him to create and control ice, which aids in the development of his Ice-Make Magic. He may also use his Demon Slayer Magic to totally freeze his foes or a wide area around him.

He is also one of the few characters capable of defeating Natsu, as shown by his draw with Natsu’s E.N.D. form.

Mirajane Strauss, 14

Mirajane is a member of Fairy Tail who, at first glance, does not seem to be capable of having a high degree of Magic. She was presented as Fiore’s finest model, and she often works as a bartender in the guild. She is, however, an S-Class magician who was initially unable to utilize her abilities owing to an event involving her sister Lisanna.

When her real abilities were exposed, it was discovered that she, like her brothers, is capable of assuming a new shape utilizing Take-Over Magic. Mirajane’s Take-Over is in a different league from her siblings’ since she has the ability to turn into a Demon.

Her Take-Over Magic, Satan Soul, enables her to change into a powerful demon that utilizes dark energy to annihilate her foes. In this form, she also has superhuman strength and speed, earning her the reputation of Erza’s adversary, especially when they were younger.

Mikazuchi Kagura (Kagura Mikazuchi)


Kagura is a member of Mermaid Heel, a guild with a moderate degree of power that competed in the Grand Magic Games. Kagura is their most powerful member and is also renowned for being a ferocious warrior. She, like Erza and Dimaria, is an expert in the use of a sword as a weapon of choice.

In terms of strength, Kagura’s swordsmanship is said to be on par with Erza’s. She wields the Archenemy, a formidable sword that, when unsheathed, is a lethal weapon. She knows how to use it and can slay her foes even while the sword is still sheathed. Only Kagura’s most formidable foes will survive to witness the sword of Archnemesis.

Kagura is known to utilize Gravity Magic and is in charge of teaching it to one of her guildmates, who uses it as her primary fighting style. 

12. Dreyar Laxus

Laxus is one of Fairy Tail’s S-class mages and is the grandson of Makarov, the guild leader. Laxus was one of the guild’s evil members at first, attempting to usurp the guild from his grandpa. Because of this, he became an adversary in one arc until turning over a new leaf after being defeated by Natsu. He is, however, one of those who are judged qualified to become the guild’s next master after becoming a better member of the guild.

Laxus is a Dragon Slayer of the second generation, having acquired Dragon Slayer power via Dragon Lacryma. As a consequence, he has complete control over the generation and manipulation of lightning.

He can use this to unleash devastating strikes that are on par with Natsu’s. However, the former was able to defeat the latter with the aid of some strength boosts from Natsu, as well as the ability to consume Laxus’s lightning. Even so, it required Gajeel’s help to inflict damage on Laxus throughout the battle.

Serena, the God


God Serena was a previous number one of the Wizard Saints of Fiore before defecting to the Alvarez Empire and is one of the Spriggan 12. He is also recognized as one of the Ishgar continent’s Four Gods, making him one of history’s most powerful magicians. Because of his incredible Magic abilities, he is also known as the Eight-Dragon God Serena.

God Serena is a second-generation Dragon Slayer, although she is on a whole different level than Laxus and other previous second-generation Dragon Slayers.

The reason for this is that he has eight Dragon Lacrymas injected in his body, and he can control all of them. Because he was flown away by Gildarts during their fight, he acquired wind, lightning, cavern (high-level earth magic), purgatory (high-level fire magic), sea king, and three more elements that were never disclosed.

Erza Scarlet is number ten.

Erza, like Laxus, is one of Fairy Tail’s most powerful magicians, earning her the title of S-Class. She was given names such as “Titania” for her bravery and “Queen of Fairies” for being the most powerful female member. She is known for her swordsmanship as well as the many armor she wears for different circumstances.

Erza has a large number of armors, which she can readily access with her Requip Magic. She also possesses a variety of weaponry that she may use with the same magic, some of which match her costumes owing to their powers.

However, despite her armors, she was never able to fully use all of them owing to occasions in her fights when her armors were broken or she was unable to use her Requip Magic.

Despite the fact that she hasn’t revealed all of her armors’ powers, it seems that she won’t need to utilize them all throughout a fight. Her superhuman strength and sword abilities alone are enough to make her a formidable opponent.

She also has a high degree of endurance and willpower, allowing her to overcome opponents who seemed to be invincible to her while she was not wearing armor. Perhaps she already has powerful plot armor and doesn’t need to Requip it.

Makarov Dreyar, No. 9


Makarov is one of the Ten Wizard Saints and the guild leader of Fairy Tail. Despite his ancient look and age, he is a tiny old guy with a strong talent and Magic Power. You might say he’s one of those anime clichés of old people with enormous strength.

Makarov has the power to transform into a big muscular human, giving him incredible strength and endurance, ideal for fighting many opponents. He has the ability to construct a maximum defensive seal, allowing him to defend Magnolia or his guild.

He may also utilize Light Magic to strike his foes, allowing him to create light blasts. He’s also a master of a variety of magics, including Fairy Law, which allows him to immediately vanquish anybody he considers an adversary.

8. Make a bold statement

Brandish is a well-liked character in the series due to her attractive appearance and a character that does not seem to be wicked. She is a member of the Spriggan 12 and is renowned for being very strong without having to use weapons.

She may seem indifferent and peaceful to the point of not being able to fight, yet she is one of the series’ characters with a significant amount of magical power.

Brandish has the ability to alter, reduce, and expand things at will. Her magical power is so strong that she can reduce or grow anybody or anything she wishes, even an entire island. If she utilizes all of her power, she is said to be able to shrink whole continents. She will be able to effortlessly destroy any opponent she deems fit in this manner. 

She was glad to remain neutral during the Alvarez Empire Arc, rather as a primary opponent like the other Spriggan 12, since she had the ability to destroy the bulk of the guild on her own.

Apart from his Curse, Mard Geer is a lightning quick fighter. Sting and Rogue were both vanquished by this Demon. He also possesses a Demon Form, which Gray and Natsu would have had a hard time fighting if it weren’t for narrative armor.

7. August


August is regarded as the “Wizard King” and is one of the Spriggan 12. Zeref and Mavis Vermillion have a son named August. He’s one of the anime clichés of elderly guys with superhuman powers.

He is renowned across the globe as a master of a wide range of magical arts, as well as his tremendous power. He is at the top of the list because he is capable of easily beating the Oracion Seis.

Due to his knowledge of many kinds of magic, August has perfected Copy Magic. He can utilize copy magic to do the same magic that anybody else can, as well as to negate the ability, rendering him impervious to virtually all forms of magic. August could have easily slain the majority of the Fairy Tail wizards if it hadn’t been for Gildarts.

Mavis Vermilion is number six on the list.

Mavis is the creator of Fairy Tail and the first master. She, like her lover Zeref, is an immortal who has been cursed with the Curse of Contradiction after defeating her foe with an imperfect form of Law. This bestowed upon her the curse of being able to accidentally murder anybody close to her if she continues to care and respect life. 

She not only has the ability to cast the curse, but she can also perform magic. She is a master of projection magic and has access to Fairy Tail’s three most potent spells.

When she chose to lock herself in a lacryma to prevent others from murdering her, her curse led her to become Lumen Histoire. The lacryma possesses limitless Magic due to her longevity, which is why the Fairy Tail guild leaders kept it hidden from the rest of the world.

Mavis is a master of Magic as well as a skilled strategist, which came in handy during the fight against the Alvarez Empire.

Irene Belserion is number five.


If Erza is overpowered, her mother is as well. Irene Belserion was the first Dragon Slayer and Dragon at the same time, and she is one of the Spriggan 12. She was the inventor of Dragon Slayer magic, which is a kind of enchantment that Dragons may pass on to humans to give them the power to slay dragons.

Irene, like Wendy, is a master of Enchantment Magic, which allows her to enchant even her own soul for the benefit of others, as she demonstrated when she enchanted Wendy.

She can also use her power to compress and reorganize a whole country’s topography, as well as reverse it if necessary, and call meteors to destroy a huge region. Irene may have beaten everyone in the guild by herself if she hadn’t had a change of heart after her fight with Erza and Wendy. 

Natsu Dragneel is number four on the list.

Natsu, apart from Lucy, is one of Fairy Tail’s greatest mages and, of course, the series’ hero. Natsu is a Fairy Tail S-class magician who enjoys a good battle with both foes and friends. He is a very competitive individual who has amassed enough strength to become the strongest in his guild, and perhaps against everyone else.

Natsu is a Fire Dragon Slayer who learnt the craft from Igneel, his adoptive father. As a consequence, Natsu has complete power over the creation and management of flames.

When he utilizes his finishing techniques against his opponents, his strength has risen to the point that it may be as destructive as a massive laser beam or explosion. Through Laxus, he also acquired more Lighting Dragon Slayer Magic, which increases the destructive power of his Fire element Magic. 

Natsu is also a skilled fighter and adept in hand-to-hand fighting. He is also a popular wizard in Ishtar, and when enraged, he is a highly deadly opponent. His flames have also been known to intensify as his emotions increase.

Finally, when he eats a high-level source of magic or fire magic, he has access to Dragon Force, a power that he seldom utilizes but appears to grow stronger as the series continues. Natsu also had demon-like abilities as a result of becoming one when Zeref tried to revive him when he was a child.

3. Clive Gildarts


Gildarts is a Fairy Tail S-class magician who is said to be in a separate league than Erza, Laxus, and Mirajane. As a result, he usually only emerges when the situation becomes too hazardous for the whole guild to handle, or when an opponent is much more strong than the other S-class mages. He is renowned for defeating powerful opponents and living to tell the tale.

Gildarts is a master of Crush, a strong destructive magic. When Gildarts targets a specific item, location, or even his foes, the Magic may crush anything on sight, as the name implies. With his magic-infused punch, he can transform his opponents into tiny, weaker creatures, demolish a huge cathedral, and fly strong enemies away.

Gildart’s talents are shown by his very high degree of magic power, which allows him to control the Crush magic, which, if left uncontrolled, may destroy anything in its path, but Gildarts still has difficulty managing it. 

Aside from that, he has tremendous magical power, capable of bringing the formidable Natsu Dragneel to his knees, as well as a high degree of strength and endurance, which enabled him to battle Acnologia and live to tell the story despite his loss (and lost limbs and organs in the process). 

2. Dragneel, Zeref

The Mage of the Dark Natsu’s elder brother, Zeref, is an extremely strong magician. Zeref is seldom seen in battle, although he is often described as a strong and renowned magician throughout the series.

A cult has sprung up around him based solely on his reputation. His spells are generally known to be one-hit-kill spells, such as the one he cast on Precht to kill him immediately for waking his abilities.

Zeref, like Mavis, is cursed with the Curse of Contradiction, which causes him to murder everything in his path if he continues to care for human life. Zeref, on the other hand, becomes a highly destructive wizard when he disregards life and all existence.

Despite his absence of complete battle sequences, the tales they tell about Zeref, as well as examples of his magical abilities, were enough to place him in the top two spots on our list.

Acnologia is a word that means “knowledge.”


Acnologia could have destroyed everyone in sight if there had been no narrative armor or unexpected powerups as in the Alvarez Empire Arc. When it comes to evaluating all of his powers and having the narrative be fair to him, Acnologia, the self-proclaimed Dragon King, is the most powerful of all the characters in Fairy Tail.

Acnologia has an undiscovered element Dragon Slayer Magic. He can summon shooting stars, unleash a beam with his roar, and generate catastrophic blasts from the palm of his hand with this Dragon Slayer Magic.

He can also transfer individuals into his realm, which was the site of the ultimate fight between Natsu and him. Even the Spriggan 12 are powerless against this creature’s tremendous powers.

He has also acquired the ability to transform into a dragon at whim after eating dragons and soaking in their blood.

The strongest fairy tail characters reddit is a list of the 20 strongest characters in Fairy Tail. The list ranks the top 10, but it also includes the top 5, 3, 2, and 1 character.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the strongest fairy tail character?

The strongest fairy tail character is Natsu Dragneel.

Who are the top 10 strongest fairy tail characters?

Erza, Natsu, Gray, Gajeel, Juvia, Elfman, Lisanna, Laxus, Wendy

Is Lucy stronger than Erza?

Lucy is stronger than Erza.

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