The 26th Group of Film Institute will be held in Busan, Korea. It is so far the largest film festivals with over 1 million participants and 200 countries around the world participating. The festival has an enormous impact on global cinema by presenting award-winning films from all over the world, showcasing new potential directors to watch out for who are at their creative best.,

The “busan international film festival winners 2020” is a list of the winners from the 26th Busan International Film Festival. The winning films will be announced on December 31, 2020.


The awards of the 26th Busan International Film Festival, which took place in Busan, Korea from October 6th to 15th, 2021, are listed here.

The following is information about the festival: The Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), together with the Hong Kong International Film Festival and the Tokyo International Film Festival, is one of the most prominent film festivals in Asia. It is held every year in Haeundaegu, Busan (Korea). The festival’s goal has been to promote new films and first-time filmmakers to the public since its inception in 1996. Another prominent aspect is the festival’s attraction to young people, as seen by the enormous number of young people who attend and by its attempts to cultivate and promote emerging talent.

Award for New Currents

1634274939_633_26th-Busan-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Winners-2021-%E2%80%93Wang Er Zhuo’s Farewell, My Hometown – China | 2021 – 83 minutes

There are three episodes in Farewell, My Hometown. In the first episode, a gorgeous mountain and woodland environment fills the screen as an old lady living in the highlands reflects on her life and relates tales of agonizing poverty, hard work, and her child’s death. A lady in her twenties narrates the second episode. She recalls the loneliness she felt after relocating to Beijing to live in the dancing school dormitory with her lover in an apartment full of boxes. In the backdrop, segmented pictures of residences of varying sizes are presented, as though hinting at her constant loneliness. The third episode follows a middle-aged instructor who comes to the stage for the first time. She thinks back to her college years in the 1980s, when she had more freedom than her parents’ generation and was in love with a poor working-class guy. In beautiful and poetic visuals, the terrible lives of three generations of women are overlapping. (BIFF 2021 | PARK Sun Young)

Farewell, Hometown, director Er Zhuo Wang’s debut feature film, actually opened the door of perception for one of our jury members, allowing us to discover what had captured and enchanted them about this intriguing picture. With its subtle study of time, poverty, education, and the compromises the female heroes make, it is mysterious. Set against a peaceful scenery of the countryside, then the box-like levels of suburban Beijing, and last the learning centers, where the importance of previous decisions is examined. This film is well-deserving of the New Currents Award.



1632964407_687_22-Films-you-shouldnt-miss-at-the-26th-Busan-InternationalKim Se-The in’s Apartment with Two Women – Korea | 2021 – 140 minutes

Sookyung and her daughter Yijung share a home. They don’t get along, though. Sookyung is irritable, but Yijung is sluggish and passive. Sookyung runs over Yijung after an argument one day, and Yijung believes she did it on purpose. Their squabble eventually leads to a legal battle. The fight between a mother and her daughter is normal, but this picture elevates it by depicting their ferocious battle for an extraordinarily long period, a duration that is emotionally reasonable. With its genuine characters, superb performances, dynamic plot, surprising comedy, harp details, compelling questions, and frequently unsettling solutions, The Apartment with Two Women captivates spectators. What is the definition of a family? With all of its heart, the film explores this lengthy and hard issue. (BIFF 2021 | JUNG Hanseok)

Jury Remarks: Let me paraphrase my idol, director Luis Buuel, who correctly said, “The minute a picture is special, it becomes universal.” The Korean film The Apartment with Two Women, directed by Kim Se-in, hit me right in the feels. A film about the well-documented rivalry between a mother and her daughter was so unique to the environment in which it was set. The two starring actors gave outstanding performances that had me gasping for air at points. “Does self-determination imply selfishness?” is the ultimate question one may pose to this mother. We, the jury of the 26th edition of the fantastic Busan International Film Festival’s New Currents Section, are honored to confer the New Currents Award to The Apartment with Two Women.



Award for Kim Joseok

1634274941_182_26th-Busan-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Winners-2021-%E2%80%93Apama Sen’s The Rapist – India | 2021 – 132 minutes

Naina, a criminal psychology professor, is sexually attacked while visiting a slum to assist the daughter of a school janitor who is involved in a domestic abuse and infanticide case. Naina defies societal stereotypes and testifies after surviving the assault that kills her colleague, resulting in the rapist-death murderer’s sentence. Naina learns about her pregnancy later on and attempts to deal with her tragedy in her own unique manner. Aparna Sen, a veteran Indian filmmaker, uses a predicament faced by a couple who reject the death sentence to raise profound themes about gender, class, and institutional paradoxes in India. Naina’s anguish is vividly shown through the images of previous memories and hallucinations that quickly intrude on reality. Konkona Sen, the director’s daughter and actress, plays Naina, while Arjun Rampal plays her husband. The rapist’s mother is played by Gitanjali Rao, the director of the hit cartoon Bombay Rose (2019). (BIFF 2021 | PARK Sun Young)

Comment from the jury: The filmmaker attempted to cover all aspects of the sexual assault case, including psychology, social context, class, and religion. However, the film is about more than just the occurrence; it is also about Indian culture and its capacity to debate and resolve such matters.



1634274943_257_26th-Busan-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Winners-2021-%E2%80%93Brillante Mendoza’s Gensan Punch – Philippines, Japan | 2021 – 110 minutes

Disability isn’t anything to be ashamed of; it’s something to celebrate. Nao Tsuyama aspires to be a professional boxer one day. He is, however, prohibited formal registration with the Japanese Boxing Association since he is disabled and wears a prosthetic limb as a result of a childhood injury. He plans to go to the Philippines to get his international license, where he would have to start from scratch. It speaks a distinct language and has a separate culture. He meets Rudy, a former champion who now owns a run-down boxing club on the outskirts of the Philippines. Nao begins to experience the parental affection he never had as a youngster. He also develops friendships with coworkers who are preparing for similar situations. He notices that everyone seems to be in a state of despair. The hard reality cannot be changed, and there are times when the truth must be confronted. The process is always the source of beauty. GENSAN PUNCH is an homage to human problems, based on a genuine incident. (BIFF 2021 | PARK SUNGHO)

Jury Remarks: An really powerful narrative told in a documentary approach. It is not just a narrative about a hero’s journey to triumph, but also about the development of human relationships. Okinawa and Gensokyo may seem to be two worlds apart, yet they are linked by the warmth of their people and their ideals.



Honorable Mention

1634274945_245_26th-Busan-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Winners-2021-%E2%80%93Wang Qi’s The Bargain – China | | 2021 – 118 minutes

Liu is looking to sell his loss-making tourism business. When one of his workers is put into a coma for unknown reasons, his family and relatives come to Liu to demand a payment. Meanwhile, Liu’s ex-wife Tao Qing, a middle school teacher, is plagued by her boyfriend and his teenage daughter, while her son Yi Fan, who has no experience, talents, or interests, occurs to meet a gang of individuals who illegally drive automobiles. The Bargain, directed by Wang Qi, who is making his first trip to Busan, shows a deep tale of a scattered family battling in the quickly changing contemporary Chinese society and the wave of capitalism. The use of a handheld camera and close-up views strategically placed throughout the film adds tremendous emotions to the otherwise somber story. (BIFF 2021 | PARK Sun Young)

Jury Remarks: The film depicts how Shanghai’s economy pulls personnel from rural areas, only to abandon them once they are no longer needed. This might be seen as senior management admitting that they have left no capitalist heritage for the future generation to inherit.



The BIFF Mecenat Award is given to the best film of the festival.

Winner: Korea

1632660992_173_10-Documentaries-you-shouldnt-miss-at-the-26th-Busan-InternationalHeo Chul-206: nyung’s Unearthed – Korea, Thailand | 2021 – 93 minutes

After the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which was established as a South Korean government organization in 2005, was disbanded, civic groups and bereaved families formed a joint organization to investigate the remains of civilians massacred during the Korean War, which the government had failed to complete. 206: The Excavation Project is a three-year documentary chronicling the organization’s three-year excavation work. A record of sunshine, dirt, and perspiration has been unearthed. The film opens with a letter from the filmmaker to his grandmother, who awaited the return of her husband after he was kidnapped by the police during the Korean War. She has been waiting for 70 years since he and his remains have never come home. So started the director’s lengthy voyage, which has no end in sight. “We don’t forget,” says a phrase from Roland Barthes’ Mourning Diary, which is devoted to a photograph of the unearthed bones as well as the grandmother’s obituary. This is a documentary on the scars of history as well as a director’s grief journal. (BIFF 2021 | KANG Sowon)

Jury Comment: Heo Chul Nyung examines the blood-soaked ground on which Koreans stand from his own perspective. The eerie remnants of mass murders are framed by the gentle hands of amateur archaeologists. Heo’s camera, like the delicate hands of excavators who caress the unearthed skulls and bones, seems to soothe the deaths caused by the tragedy of the twentieth century.



Asia is the winner.

1634274949_546_26th-Busan-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Winners-2021-%E2%80%93Zhang Mengqi’s Self-Portrait: Fairy Take in 27KM – China | 2021 – 109 minutes

Director Zhang Mengqi spent her ninth winter in Hebei Province’s “47KM” village in 2019. Her father’s hometown is “47KM,” and she’s made a video there every time she visits. The ninth installment of her “47KM” series is Self-Portrait: Fairy Tale in 47KM. Director Zhang Mengqi wanders through the fields with rural children with red cheeks all day, drawing, dancing, singing, and playing, but she doesn’t simply play. This time, she decides to make the children’s creative fairy tales a reality: when they sketch a home on a winter field, a real house is constructed for the director on the village hill. The ordinary lives of children, full of many pastimes, are fairy tales in and of themselves, and this video is no exception. From beginning to finish, the unvarnished look and innocence that pervades the tone, atmosphere, and rhythm of this delightful film will make you grin. (BIFF 2021 | KANG Sowon)

Jury Comment: Zhang Mengqi’s self-portrait indicates a reflective portrayal that extends beyond the filmmaker’s self, family, and community. The filmmaker’s natural intimacy and intentional distance provide empathy for youngsters, the elderly, and the country in which they dwell. The filmmaker’s aspirations, her distinct and creative picture of herself, who is warm-hearted but coolly self-aware, inspire us.



The Sonje Award is given to a person who has made

1634274951_613_26th-Busan-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Winners-2021-%E2%80%93Lee Hyonju’s A Winter Glove – Korea | 2021 – 29 minutes

When her partner is sent to a job in Japan, piano instructor Ingyeong decides to learn Japanese. She’s starting to question why she’s learning Japanese as her boyfriend’s leaving date approaches. Will she be able to discover an answer? This video builds up emotions without being dramatic, and the aura around it feels out of the usual. (BIFF 2021 | KANG Sowon)

A Winter Glove wonderfully portrays the subtle waves of emotion, according to the jury. “In-kyung,” the protagonist, has been bereaved of her loved ones on a regular basis. The film, however, does not end with a defeat. Rather, by showing “In-kyung” going on to the next episode, the film creates a lasting impression. The judges chose this piece to show our support for the director’s periods of reflection while working on the film.



1632784539_223_15-Short-films-you-shouldnt-miss-at-the-26th-BusanTumpal Tempubolon’s The Sea Calls for Me – Indonesia | 2021 – 18 minutes

Sura, a little kid from a fishing hamlet, is alone and lonely. While waiting for his father, who may or may not arrive, he earns money by doing chores. He comes up a damaged sex doll washed up on the beach one day and attempts to repair it. (BIFF 2021 | PARK SUNGHO)

Jury Comment: The director illustrated the most fundamental human need to link kindred via an unusual object of love through his brilliant tale. It’s a good moment to recall what it takes to be human.



Honorable Mention

1632784529_561_15-Short-films-you-shouldnt-miss-at-the-26th-BusanLi Mingyang’s Sarira – China | 2021 – 28 minutes

The tooth discomfort of a middle-aged Buddhist monk at a modest temple is becoming worse. To make things worse, he has to put up with the cacophony of the development that will ultimately demolish the temple. (BIFF 2021 | PARK SUNGHO)

Jury Remarks: The director brings the spectator into the monochrome world of urbanisation, using subtle humor to describe a rapidly fading reality that has shaped human beliefs for thousands of years.



Year’s Best Actress

1632964407_687_22-Films-you-shouldnt-miss-at-the-26th-Busan-InternationalIm Jee-ho for Kim Se-The in’s Apartment with Two Women – Korea | 2021 – 140 minutes

Jury Comment: I felt heartbroken and lonely the whole time I was watching The Apartment with Two Women since I was following the character’s emotional journey. With her sluggish motions, actress Im Jee-ho, who plays Yijung, creates the emotional trajectory layer by layer, immersing the spectator even more in the picture. She did a fantastic job expressing the role.

Year’s Best Actor

1634274957_691_26th-Busan-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Winners-2021-%E2%80%93Through My Midwinter (dir. Oh Seongho) – Korea | 2021 – 100 minutes – Kwon Daham

Kyunghak is pursuing a career as a police officer, while his girlfriend, Hyejin, looks for work. Kyunghak is impoverished and works as a deliveryman, deferring his future career goals for the time being, until he is liable for repaying his parents’ defaulted debt. His delivery profession becomes a huge aspect of his life as time goes on. Hyejin, on the other hand, gets a job and becomes completely immersed in her work. Their bond is no longer as strong as it once was. Via My Midwinter is a youth-oriented melodrama that realistically portrays character emotions through the actors’ seasoned performances as well as the director’s significant impact. When Kyunghak’s grief eventually erupts, the viewer is quite likely to cry along with him. (BIFF 2021 | JUNG Hanseok)

Kwon Daham, who portrayed Kyunghak in Via My Midwinter, engages with the audience through his meticulous approach to acting by expressing the character’s mentality. At times, he draws the audience into everyday life, which anybody can relate to, and at other times, he creates an intensity that draws the audience into the character’s head by establishing a point of true connection. Once the connection is made, the gap between the character and the audience automatically narrows, producing a lingering feeling that stems from the film’s grief. Furthermore, Kwon Daham’s honest acting style struck a chord with me and became a dagger to my heart. This is why I am certain he is deserving of the Actor of the Year honor.



Audience Award for KB New Currents

1632964407_687_22-Films-you-shouldnt-miss-at-the-26th-Busan-InternationalKim Se-The in’s Apartment with Two Women – Korea | 2021 – 140 minutes

Audience Award for Flash Forward

1634274959_519_26th-Busan-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Winners-2021-%E2%80%93Fran Kranz’s Mass – USA | 2021 – 111 minutes

Multiply the most feared, uncomfortable, and emotionally taxing encounter you’ve ever had by ten. That is precisely what Richard, Linda, Jay, and Gail, two sets of parents, are dealing with. Years after a catastrophe caused by Richard and Linda’s kid tore their lives apart, Jay and Gail are ready to discuss in the hopes of moving on. Fran Kranz, a famous actor, ponders how humans process tragedy, seek answers, and find the will to endure in his stunning scripting and directing debut. The discipline, flawless directing, and magnificent performances from all members of the ensemble account for much of the film’s emotional power (BIFF 2021).

FIPRESCI Award (International Federation of Press Societies)

1632964404_163_22-Films-you-shouldnt-miss-at-the-26th-Busan-InternationalPark Kang’s Seire – Korea | 2021 – 102 minutes

Seire is a twenty-one-day period during which individuals are expected to be extra cautious in their actions and outsiders are not permitted to visit in order to safeguard a newborn infant from ill luck. Seire, a film, is based on this traditional belief. Woojin, who has just become the father of a newborn infant, learns that his ex-girlfriend Seyoung has died. Without informing his wife, he attends her burial and meets Yeyoung, Seoyung’s twin sister. Woojin and his family suffer a sequence of terrible disasters as a result of this meeting. Seire is a unique horror film. It deftly adapts the ancient horror movie trope while also modernizing the anxiety that comes with breaching folk beliefs’ taboos, blurring the line between truth and imagination and ominously crossing it with dramatic camera maneuvers and editing. (BIFF 2021 | JUNG Hanseok)

Jury Comment: A brilliant picture that blends reality and fantasy, with ghost narratives inspired by folklore and the pain of today’s man contemplating the birth of a child. A drama with a strict direction that makes the most of the lead actor’s serious performance.



The NETPAC Award is given to those who have made significant contributions to

1632964407_687_22-Films-you-shouldnt-miss-at-the-26th-Busan-InternationalKim Se-The in’s Apartment with Two Women – Korea | 2021 – 140 minutes

Jury Remarks: KIM Se-remarkable in’s debut feature about a highly convoluted, undeclared battle between mother and daughter, with a fantastic sense of humour, extremely devoted strong narrative, and performances by IM Jee-ho and YANG Mal-bok. With a no-dialogue intimate beginning scene, the film depicts an extremely tense problematic fundamental connection between mother Sukyung and daughter Yijung. This excellent opening pulls us in emotionally to the plot, the many personalities, temperaments, and disappointments of the individuals. The remainder of the movie has well-written monologues that increase the tension by incorporating physical and psychological assault. However, the video concludes that there is no clear conclusion, that there is no such thing as good or evil!


Jury Remarks (Both Winners): We are grateful for the opportunity to spend time with wonderful works of various textures. Rather of making a judgment based on superiority, the DGK-Megabox Award panel chose films that each member of the jury supports based on their own tastes and preferences. Through My Midwinter and A Lonely Island in the Distant Sea, in addition to a serious approach to directing, highlight the superb acting talent of its performers, who reflect such sincerity. All of the filmmakers in the Vision section have our support and great expectations for their next projects.

1634274957_691_26th-Busan-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Winners-2021-%E2%80%93Oh Seongho’s Through My Midwinter – Korea | 2021 – 100 minutes

1634274963_792_26th-Busan-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Winners-2021-%E2%80%93Kim Miyoung’s A Lonely Island in the Distant Sea – Korea | 2021 – 116 minutes

This video is quiet and thoughtful in the manner it conveys drifting, loneliness, and mysteries in life with a calm voice, as the title indicates. Yoonchul is a sculptor, although he earns most of his money as an interior designer. He is divorced, and his daughter struggles to integrate into school life and is labeled a troublemaker, despite her father’s artistic skills. Yoonchul meets and falls in love with a lovely lady named Youngji one day. When confronted with life’s most difficult situations, the protagonists in the film maintain their composure. Even when they are attacked or their lives take fatal twists, they maintain their dignity. With its meticulous acting, gorgeous structure and cinematography, and mature attitude, this picture offers an opportunity to spend time of profound reflection. (BIFF 2021 | JUNG Hanseok)



Arthouse Award from CGV

1634274965_480_26th-Busan-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Winners-2021-%E2%80%93Yoon Seo-Chorokbam jin’s – Korea | 2021 – 89 minutes

The title Chorokbam fills the screen at the start of the movie, which is incredible to witness. This is the point at which the audience chooses whether or not to believe the film. The film is aggressive and skilled in its use of the square frame to fill and empty it. In this film, the color chorok, which means “green” in English, is the color of destiny. The color green dominates the difficulties of all the family members, including a despondent father who works as a night guard, a mother who is fully spent with housework, a poor son who works for the crippled, and their burial service. It is not bright or flashy, but rather gloomy and frightening in some ways. The picture develops a succession of worldly occurrences of a family up to the level of lyrical feeling of blues and sadness with beautiful imagery and situations. (BIFF 2021 | JUNG Hanseok)

Green, which is generally associated with life, is utilized as a means to depict the gloomy and empty sensation that comes with the loss of a family member, offering a peaceful and distinct point of view.



The Korean Broadcasting System’s Independent Film Award

1634274967_858_26th-Busan-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Winners-2021-%E2%80%93Park Songyeol’s Hot in the Day, Cold at Night – Korea | 2021 – 90 minutes

Due to their unfortunate circumstances, a young couple is having difficulty. They’re both frantically looking for job, but finding it isn’t simple. Meanwhile, the husband is likely to lose the camera he gave to a friend, and the wife is stranded after taking out private loans to support the family. Under the conditions, something bad will almost certainly happen or the situation will come to a halt, but the film approaches the situation with an entirely unexpected attitude and humor. The discussion, facial expressions, movements, and postures of the pair, as well as the lighting and intensity of the screen that records them, produce odd comedy and lonesome feelings, completely engrossing the spectator. Hot in the Day, Cold at Night is an unusual moral comedy that brings a peculiar sense of humor to the everyday lives of the poor. The husband’s pitiful surrender in the last moment ultimately affects us. (BIFF 2021 | JUNG Hanseok)

Although this may seem to be an average low-budget picture recounting a familiar subject at first sight, its colorful characters, subtle humor, unusual rhythm, accurate camerawork, and well-balanced plot instantly capture the viewer’s attention. Park Songyeol and Won Hyangra have given the Korean indie cinema sector a fresh lease of life.



CGK Award

1634274965_480_26th-Busan-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Winners-2021-%E2%80%93Choo Kyeong-yeob for Chorokbam (Dir. Yoon Seo-jin) – Korea | 2021 – 89 minutes Choo Kyeong-yeob for Chorokbam (Dir. Yoon Seo-jin) – Korea | 2021 – 89 minutes

Jury Remarks: The Korean films submitted to the Busan International Film Festival’s Vision and New Currents categories this year were varied in terms of form and aesthetic. The CGK Award jury unanimously chose Chorokbam cinematographer CHOO Kyeong-yeob as the winner this year. Choo makes a substantial contribution to the film’s effect as well as the creation of narrative with his succinct and controlled pictures. In addition, he uses his camera to produce superb visual aesthetics in terms of displaying the settings and persons inside the situations. Once the frame is picked, the majority of the long take shots in Chorokbam, which would have been accomplished via collaboration between the director and cinematographer, empty out all remaining opportunity costs without a trace. In compared to other films, the film shows actual classic long take shots as a result of this.

Awrd Critic

1634274967_858_26th-Busan-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Winners-2021-%E2%80%93Park Songyeol’s Hot in the Day, Cold at Night – Korea | 2021 – 90 minutes

Jury Remarks: The jury unanimously believes that this is Park Songyeol’s pinnacle effort. We commend this film’s bravery in defending the dignity of life while also being willing to let go of other things. The film provokes deep emotion and employs precision shot placement in a condensed format. For a long time, we’ve wanted to see depictions of our fellow citizens pursuing art and life at the same time.

Watch out for the Watcha Award.

Jury Comment (Both Winners): We chose a film that, via its forceful and tenacious direction and rich acting, could generate empathy in a wide range of people. In particular, the film was praised for accurately representing the lives and realities of people living in today’s world. We want to provide assistance to young filmmakers via the Watcha Award so that they may continue to work in the Korean film industry.

1634274957_691_26th-Busan-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Winners-2021-%E2%80%93Oh Seongho’s Through My Midwinter – Korea | 2021 – 100 minutes

1632964407_687_22-Films-you-shouldnt-miss-at-the-26th-Busan-InternationalKim Se-The in’s Apartment with Two Women – Korea | 2021 – 140 minutes

The Citizen Critic’s Award is given to an individual who has made a significant contribution to

1634274965_480_26th-Busan-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Winners-2021-%E2%80%93Yoon Seo-Chorokbam jin’s – Korea | 2021 – 89 minutes

Jury Comment: With a blend of subdued conversation and narrative interstices, as well as sensual imagery and music, this film shows a family facing death. Furthermore, despite the fact that the film deals with a philosophical issue, it is balanced with current events, which is why we picked it as the winner of this prize.

The Busan Cinephile Award is given to the best film in Busan.

1634274969_136_26th-Busan-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Winners-2021-%E2%80%93Zhao Liang’s I’m Sorry — Hong Kong, China, France, and the Netherlands | 2021 – 97 minutes

We drive to the most dangerous spot on the earth while a radiation meter alarms in the background. As a prelude to the expedition, a guiding movie depicts the horrific aftermath of an atomic explosion. Is this a dystopian science fiction film or a horror thriller with an unseen antagonist? Zhao Liang’s camera, at the forefront of contemporary Chinese documentary, begins at Fukushima and travels via the ruins of Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, and Chernobyl, Ukraine, before arriving in Onkalo, Finland, an underground city established as a nuclear waste site. There, we see a gorgeous apocalyptic environment while also meeting folks who have been alone for decades. Above all, when Zhao Liang captures the faces and bodies of citizens trapped in the regulated area, his camera becomes even more powerful. And with severe warnings and scary forecasts, this picture becomes a plea for humanity and a page in the apocalypse. (BIFF 2021 | KANG Sowon)

Jury Remarks: While remaining objective, this film takes a rational approach to the audience with a problem that we cannot and should not escape. Other reasons we chose this work as the winner of this category were the scary sound that was precisely constructed and the metaphor that successfully conveys the issue.





The “busan film festival 2021 winner” is a movie that was released in 2019. The film, which has been nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 26th Busan International Film Festival, follows a group of people who are trying to escape from an island where they have been trapped by a deadly virus.

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