The 34th Tokyo International Film Festival will run from November 3 until December 1, 2020. The Tokyo Selection Committee has announced the official selection of films for this year’s festival on October 18.

The “34th Tokyo International Film Festival – Awards 2021” is an award ceremony that takes place at the end of each year. The awards are given to films, individuals, and organizations. Read more in detail here: tokyo international film festival 2021.


The prizes of the 34th Tokyo International Film Festival, held from October 30th to November 8th, 2021, are presented.


The Governor of Tokyo Award | Tokyo Grand Prix

1636432555_562_34th-Tokyo-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Awards-2021-%E2%80%93Kalttrina Krasniqi’s Vera Dreams of the Sea | Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo | 2021 – 87 minutes

Vera finds that her home has been mortgaged owing to gambling after her husband commits himself. A lady protests against a male-dominated society in this first film by a Kosovo filmmaker. TIFF 2021 is a film festival that takes place every two years.



Prize for the Special Jury

1636432557_487_34th-Tokyo-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Awards-2021-%E2%80%93Teodora Ana Mihai’s La Civil – Belgium, Romania, and Mexico | 2021 – 135 minutes

Cielo experiences a terrifying reality while searching for her lost daughter, who is engaged in organized crime… This Romanian director’s film, filmed in Mexico, was produced by the Dardenne brothers.



The Best Director Award

1636432560_706_34th-Tokyo-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Awards-2021-%E2%80%93Kazakstan | Darezhan Omirbaev for Poet | 2021 – 105 minutes

Didar, an unknown poet, ponders the execution of a rebellious 19th-century poet by the government… The challenge of art in today’s environment is explored in a new film by a leading Kazakh filmmaker.



The Best Actress Award

1636432563_475_34th-Tokyo-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Awards-2021-%E2%80%93The Other Tom (dir. Rodrigo Plá, Laura Santullo) Mexico, USA | 2021 – 111 minutes Julia Chávez

Elena raises her ADHD-affected kid alone, refusing to give him medicine due to concerns about adverse effects. However, her competency is called into doubt by this judgment.



The Best Actor Award

1636432566_428_34th-Tokyo-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Awards-2021-%E2%80%93Turkey | 2021 – 114 minutes | Amir Aghaee, Fatih Al Baris Yildiz, Onur Buldu for The Four Walls (dir. Bahman Ghobadi)

Boran, a Kurdish musician, can no longer view the ocean because of a new structure, and a catastrophe befalls him… The director of Turtles Can Fly has created a powerful human drama.



Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts

1636432568_510_34th-Tokyo-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Awards-2021-%E2%80%93Azerbaijan | 2021 – 101 minutes | Crane Lantern by Hilal Baydarov

With In Between Dying, he won the Grand Prize at Tokyo FILMeX2020, and now he shows his latest short, which features interaction between an imprisoned kidnapper and a law student set against a gorgeous countryside.



Audience Choice Award

1633313080_519_20-Films-you-shouldnt-miss-at-the-34th-Tokyo-InternationalMatsui Daigo’s Jury Remembering – Japan | 2021 – 115 minutes

A previous couple reminisces about their most personal moments before parting ways once again. A melancholy love tale set during the COVID-19 epidemic, inspired by a Jim Jarmusch classic.



Honorable Mention

1633313080_519_20-Films-you-shouldnt-miss-at-the-34th-Tokyo-InternationalMatsui Daigo’s Jury Remembering – Japan | 2021 – 115 minutes

The Future of Asia

Best Film Award for Asian Future

1636432573_885_34th-Tokyo-International-Film-Festival-%E2%80%93-Awards-2021-%E2%80%93Hossein Tehrani – Iran | 2021 – 81 minutes | World, Northern Hemisphere

Ahmad, 14, is the only earner in his fatherless home. They rent a farm at his mother’s request, but human bones are discovered, disrupting their plan. A difficult first feature.



One award goes to Amazon Prime Video.

Kim Yunsoo’s Sunday & Calm Sea Akiko and Koichi make the decision to divorce. Miura, a billiards cue-wielding pal, pays them a visit. On a Saturday night, the billiards hall, a guy in a red jersey, canned beer drinking, and reminiscences.

Prize for the Special Jury

Sangoumi Midori is a character in the film Under the Bridge. Osanai Mami, who is battling cancer, runs across a coworker one day. Kanda has undergone a full transformation, has lost his memories, and is now destitute. Overnight, the two, who live in such disparate ways, reconcile.



The “tokyo international film festival submission deadline” is the time that you need to submit your films for consideration. The 34th Tokyo International Film Festival will be taking place from October 2020 to April 2021.

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