While some crossbows can be used for hunting in real-life, most of them are used for entertainment purpose. It is a big advantage for the players who use crossbows to become professional players, since they get more chances of winning. The best Minecraft crossbow enchantments are the ones that help them to become better players.

Best Minecraft Crossbow Enchantments In 2021, most players love to craft their own crossbows in the game, to show off their craftiness and to enjoy the game more. There are many options for crossbows in the game, and they are all different and different from each other. Today, I will introduce the best ways to craft in the game , and the easiest way to get the best bows.

It was a great year for Minecraft fans, and the end of the year is full of even more great news. Of course, the biggest news is that Minecraft will be getting its very own console release, which will feature new game modes, different worlds, and cross-play functionality between the PC and console versions of the game.


When it comes to defense and survival, weapons are essential. Minecraft users may battle their opponents and other competitive players with a variety of tools and weaponry. One such equipment is the crossbow, which is the quickest killing weapon in Minecraft. It fires arrows as a weapon. A number of enchantments may be used to improve the effectiveness of your crossbow. But, in Minecraft, what are the greatest crossbow enchantments?

Unbreaking III, which improves the durability and shelf life of your cross; Mending I, which is ideal for crossbow repairmen; and Multishot I, which is widely renowned for its capacity to fire several arrows at once, are among the best crossbow enchantments. Quick Charge III, Curse of Vanishing I, and Power are some of the other enchantments for the Minecraft crossbow. 

Enchantments improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your crossbows by adding useful features. With these enchantments, you may improve the efficacy, longevity, and damage power of your crossbows. An enchanted crossbow increases the percentage of damage done to your Minecraft enemies. This page will provide you with information about crossbow enchantments. In Minecraft, you’ll learn what enchantments you can place on a crossbow. 

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of these enchantments. 

2021’s Best Crossbow Enchantments in Minecraft

Minecraft is an online video game that allows you to develop your skills in a variety of ways. In Minecraft, you may utilize a variety of tools as well as many enchantments. A crossbow is a weapon that may be used in conjunction with amazing enchantments. These enchantments will polish your weapon and aid in your gameplay survival.

I’ll post the best Minecraft crossbow enchantments here. I’ll also explain what each enchantment’s crafting ingredient is. You’ll also discover the advantages and disadvantages of each enchantment. Let’s get this party started. 

1. Repairing I


In Minecraft, mending is a fantastic enchantment. When you have experience points in your inventory, you may apply this enchantment on your crossbow. The Minecraft Mending enchantment is a very handy item to have in your inventory. 

What method would you use to get this enchantment?

Enchantments may be made in Minecraft. You may get this enchantment in a variety of methods, including:

  • Mending may be found at a variety of locations across your game environment. This enchantment may be found in towns, temples, forests, dungeons, and other locations. 
  • It’s also available from other retailers. 
  • Another good way to acquire repairing enchantment in your game is to go fishing. 
  • You may also acquire it by using your crossbow and an enchanted book. These goods will be transformed into an enchanted crossbow by an enchanting table. 


  1. This enchantment not only enhances your crossbow’s current powers, but it also adds a few additional characteristics to make it more powerful. 
  2. With the mending enchantment, you will be able to fix your crossbow. 
  3. You will be able to avoid wasting time. 
  4. Level 1 is the highest enchantment level for mending.
  5. For Minecraft crossbows, mending is the best durability enchantment. 
  6. Mending is fantastic since it allows you to repair your crossbows using XP orbs. 


  1. This enchantment prevents you from repairing your inventory items. 
  2. You won’t be able to utilize it with a few other expensive enchantments since it is mutually exclusive. 

2. I Multishot

Multishot is an incredible enchantment available in Minecraft. Minecraft users may now fire three arrows instead of the usual one in their game. 

What method would you use to get this enchantment?

This helpful enchantment may be obtained in a variety of ways. 

  • This enchantment may be obtained from traveling peasants.
  • You may look for it by fishing. 
  • Multishot enchantment may also be found in treasure boxes.  


  1. Only one arrow is used by an enchanted crossbow, which fires three arrows at once. 
  2. You will feel impervious to all of Minecraft’s lethal effects.
  3. Multishot’s greatest enchantment level is Level 1.
  4. You’ll be able to aim arrows more accurately at longer distances. 
  5. Allows you to slay enemies more quickly.
  6. You’ll be able to fire several arrows at the same time. 
  7. Multishot-enchanted crossbows may also launch fireworks rockets. 
  8. You’ll also be able to store your arrows and fire three for the price of one. 
  9. You may give your Minecraft mobs more damage. 
  10. You can kill a large number of Minecraft creatures in a matter of seconds. 


  1. The primary drawback of Multishot enchantment is that it is incompatible with Minecraft’s piercing enchantment. You can’t utilize both enchantments on your crossbows at the same time. 
  2. Crossbows with the Multishot enchantment lose their durability over time. As a result, your crossbow will soon wear out. 
  3. When battling a huge number of opponents or mobs, Multishot is only helpful. 

Unbreakable III


Minecraft Unbreaking Enchantment can greatly assist you in confronting your foes with more powerful crossbows. Unbreaking III will allow you to accomplish your ultimate gaming goals. This mind-blowing enchantment may provide you with many advantages. 

What method would you use to get this enchantment?

It’s conceivable that you’ll be able to include Unbreaking III in your gaming. Any of the following techniques may be used:

  • You may get this enchantment by trading with a Minecraft villager or fishing Unbreaking III with a fishing rod. 
  • To get Unbreaking from the Minecraft chests, you’ll need chests, enchanted books, and a crossbow. As a consequence, Unbreaking will appear within the chests.  


  1. It saves you time from having to go out and gather materials to reassemble your crossbow in Minecraft. 
  2. Unbreaking’s greatest enchantment level is Level 3. 
  3. Unbreaking, as the name suggests, stops your crossbows from breaking. 
  4. You will have a long time to utilize your crossbows. 
  5. With this enchantment, your crossbow will be more efficient and durable. 
  6. With this enchantment in your game, there’s a good chance you’ll acquire the Ender pearls. 
  7. Your crossbows will last longer since they will not wear out as fast. 


This wonderful enchantment has no drawbacks, according to Minecraft. Unbreaking III is a one-of-a-kind enchantment to add to your Minecraft collection. 

IV. Piercing

Do you want to clean a confined space teeming with venomous monsters? So, prepare your hands to seize this amazing magic. Piercing enchantment is one of Minecraft’s finest and most unusual enchantments. With this enchantment, you will have the ability to kill four monsters with a single arrow. 

What method would you use to get this enchantment?

These techniques will grant you this enchantment.

  • These enchantments will be traded with you by roaming Minecraft villagers.
  • This enchantment may be obtained by fishing using a fishing rod. 
  • Loot box dungeons will provide you piercing. 
  • The enchanting table will convert your crossbows’ crafting materials into piercing enchantment.


  1. Level 4 is the highest enchantment level for piercing.
  2. The piercing enchantment will aid you in defending oneself in tight spaces like tunnels and small passageways.
  3. You will be able to shoot arrows not just at your chosen foes, but also at other mobs. 
  4. You will be able to penetrate several targets at once, giving you the power to pierce your foes. 
  5. Piercing IV allows you to greatly enhance the potency of your crossbows. 
  6. It’s ideal if you use this enchantment to destroy a large number of monsters at once. 
  7. With piercing enchantment, you’ll be able to offer your crossbows lethal effects. 


  1. The incompatibility of the Piercing enchantment with the Multishot enchantment also limits its use. 
  2. During gaming, you’ll notice that your piercing four-enchanted crossbow rapidly wears out.

Quick Charge III (#5)


Do you need to rapidly reload your crossbow in Minecraft? You may use this Minecraft enchantment to solve your problem. Quick Charge is an excellent option for recharging your Minecraft crossbows.

What method would you use to get this enchantment?

One of the following techniques may be used to get this enchantment. 

  • You may locate it by using a fishing rod. 
  • This enchantment may be found in dungeon treasure boxes. 
  • You may also look for it in library rooms’ treasure boxes. 
  • You may achieve this enchantment with the assistance of an enchanting table.  


  1. You’ll be able to recharge your crossbows more quickly. 
  2. In the Minecraft universe, a player may wear an enchanted crossbow for survival and defense. 
  3. Level 3 is the highest enchantment level for the fast charge. 
  4. You will be able to cut your reloading time in half. 
  5. Your crossbows will fire arrows quicker than normal crossbows with this enchantment. 
  6. You will not waste any of your valuable time in Minecraft.
  7. This enchantment may be used against any kind of mob in your Minecraft environment.


In the presence of this enchantment, you may find it difficult to recharge your crossbow. 

6. Vanishing Curse I

Curse of Vanishing, as the name implies, enables you to die without dropping anything. Your charmed crossbow will vanish as soon as you die in the game, leaving your opponent with nothing.

What method would you use to get this enchantment?

You may select from the following choices to get this enchantment. 

  • Despite its rarity, this enchantment may be found in your Minecraft world. 
  • This enchantment may be found in chest loots. 
  • It’s also possible to get it via fishing using a fishing rod. 
  • Another method to get this unique enchantment for your crossbow is to trade with librarian villagers. 


  1. The Curse of Vanishing makes it much easier to battle and kill your opponents. 
  2. It will be beneficial to you since it is a sort of curse that your adversaries will get nothing from your death. 
  3. Curse of Vanishing’s greatest enchantment level is Level 1.
  4. With this enchantment, you will curse your crossbow. 
  5. The Curse of Vanishing is a powerful enchantment that may be used with a variety of equipment and weapons. 
  6. Once you’ve died, you’ll be able to make your crossbow vanish. 


  1. This enchantment, in addition to its advantages, has a drawback. You’ll have to surrender the crossbow on which this enchantment was placed. 
  2. With this enchantment, you will have to deal with tough circumstances. You will meet death on occasion. 
  3. Curse of disappearing is one of the rarest enchantments in Minecraft, making it difficult to get. 

7. Power 


This enchantment will be useful if you want to boost the power of your Minecraft crossbows. Enchanting your crossbows with power will help them function better. In your games, you may strike down your opponents with increased strength and efficiency. 

What method would you use to get this enchantment?

Do you want to enchant your crossbow with this enchantment? You may get this enchantment in a variety of methods in Minecraft, including:

  • To create this enchantment, you’ll need a few things from your Minecraft inventory. Enchanted books, lapis lazuli, crossbows, and bookshelves are all required. 
  • Power V enchantment may also be obtained by combining two power 4 enchanted crossbows. 
  • Librarian villagers may be found and traded with. 


  1. You’ll be able to boost your crossbow’s damage capacity by up to 25%. 
  2. Level 5 is the highest enchantment level for Power. 
  3. It will assist you in dealing with the greatest amount of heart damage possible throughout your gaming. 
  4. You’ll fight your opponents effectively. 
  5. With this enchantment on your crossbow, killing your opponents will be a breeze. 
  6. The most significant aspect of this enchantment is that it may boost the potency of your crossbow. 


This enchantment cannot be used in conjunction with mending. Both of these things are mutually exclusive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best enchantments for crossbows in Minecraft?

The best enchantments for crossbows in Minecraft are Blast Protection III and Infinity.

What is the best enchantment for crossbow?

The best enchantment for a crossbow is the fire enchantment.

What enchantments does Technoblade have on his crossbow?

Technoblade has a fire enchantment on his crossbow.

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