A man who was obsessed with dolls killed his wife, her sister and their mother. He then took a doll from the house and went on to kill more people. The story is chilling and has been shared around the world.

Netflix has been cranking out fascinating series in recent months, with the Danish murder thriller “The Chestnut Man” being the most recent.

Long-time fans of crime drama thrillers, particularly those coming out of Denmark, are familiar with the bleak beauty and macabre appeal of Nordic Noir, which is why the newest arrival is such a huge deal among the fanbase. The program is a six-episode miniseries that runs for 50 minutes each and debuted on Netflix on September 29. Kasper Barfoed and Mikkel Serup co-directed ‘The Chestnut Man,’ which is based on the renowned book of the same name by award-winning writer Sren Sveistrup. The author, who is also the brains behind another fascinating crime novel, ‘The Killing,’ was given the honor of adopting the book and working with Dorte W. Hgh. 

This suspenseful story is filled with blood, dead corpses, missing body parts, and creepy children’s sculptures. When it comes to defining a great thriller, though, it checks all the criteria. The characters are well-developed, the storyline is sound, the sights are breathtaking, and the pacing is just right, keeping viewers engaged, interested, and amused throughout the film.

This is the third time the streaming behemoth has acquired material from Denmark. The primary protagonists in this program were also the leads in the other two Netflix projects that had previously debuted. There’s Mikkel Boe Folgaard’s film “The Rain,” and Danica Curcic’s film “Equinox.” The pair plays Naia and Mark, two main detectives who must work together to solve a crime in ‘The Chestnut Man.’ David Dencik, Lars Ranthe, Esben Dalgaard Andersen, Morten Brown Jrgensen, Thomas Hwan, Signe Egholm Olsen, Jens Jrn Spottag, Camilla Lau, Peder Thomas Pedersen, and others are among the main cast members, with a frightening adversary at the show’s heart.

Danish films are renowned for their gloomy color palettes, which mostly consist of blue and grey tones. ‘The Chestnut Man,’ on the other hand, is a total departure from convention, with bright cinematography enhanced by the beautiful colors of autumn in Denmark, giving the show its unique visual flair. The settings and scenery are stunning, and this presentation could easily pass for a virtual tourist commercial if it weren’t for the many blood splatters, dead and wounded corpses strewn throughout the surroundings. The killings are as gruesome as they can be, while remaining within the confines of cinematic conventions; nevertheless, they are completely realistic.

From the first scene, the storyline is very strong. The crime sites are horrifying, and the mystery is gripping. Throughout the six parts of the miniseries, the program maintains a steady pace. The drama takes place in a peaceful neighborhood of Copenhagen and depicts the terrifying work of a merciless monster.

The corpse of a young lady who was brutally killed in a playground is discovered by the police. One of her hands is gone, and the only other item found at the murder site is the killer’s calling card, a tiny man doll made out of chestnuts and matchsticks or twigs that hangs from the ceiling. Naia Thulin, portrayed by Danica Curcic, is one of the investigators sent to the scene. Naia is a single mother and a passionate and stressed murder investigator. Despite her fatigue from her day work, she is determined to investigate the murder and bring the perpetrator to justice before another victim appears in her neighborhood.

Naia must join up with an intriguing new partner called Mark Hess, played by Mikkel Boe Folsgaard, in order to accomplish her objective. The two had trust problems at the beginning of their collaboration, but they warm up to one other after they discover they may be on the lookout for the same murderer. Mark is an Interpol officer who has been transferred from headquarters and sent to the Copenhagen region to investigate the horrific death of another girl, a task he unwillingly accepted.

The inquisitive pair quickly unearths a strange piece of evidence that links the new girl’s murder to the homicide investigation. Mark is in town to look into the murder of a politician’s daughter, Rosa Hartung, who was killed in cold blood and her corpse abandoned in the same manner the previous year, in part by Iben Dorner. The modus operandi, as well as another crucial piece of evidence given by Kristen, provides a huge hint, as it becomes plain as day that these two incidents are inextricably linked, and even though the first one was ruled out as a murder, fans know that the investigation is far from done.


The program does a great job of establishing the major mystery foundations right from the first episode and managing to keep it alive throughout the six episodes. Each episode’s conclusion is a clear cliffhanger, encouraging viewers to stay watching in the hopes of learning more about the murderer.

As the story progresses, additional corpses carrying the Chestnut Man trademark appear, but the question of who the manslayer is and what his or her goals are lingers in the minds of viewers. Kristine’s fingerprints are taken from the murder site as the initial inquiry begins, and although she is a suspect, one can’t help but wonder how the prints got there.

In general, all of the characters do a fantastic job, particularly Naia and Mark, who have obvious connection. They inadvertently bounce ideas off one another, which makes it fun to watch them do what they do best. Hess has a Sherlock Holmes feel about him to some extent. A scene in which he beats up a dead pig in the mortuary is particularly noteworthy.

‘The Chestnut Man’ brings to light tough problems that need to be addressed, as well as society’s nefarious deeds and acts. One can’t help but question whether the atrocities were committed by a vigilante or by a deranged individual with serious problems.

‘The Chestnut Man’ is a well-made film with thrilling moments that keep spectators on the edge of their seats. There are enough twists and turns, as well as unexpected moments, to make this a binge-worthy prospect.


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