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In one of the first adaptations of a Charles Dickens classic, Alastair plays Sim Ebenezer Scrooge, a cold-blooded businessman who hates Christmas and despises anyone who celebrates it. But when, on Christmas Eve, the ghost of his former partner appears before him and warns him that he can share the fate of the curse if he doesn’t change his ways, Scrooge embarks on a magical journey through the past, present and future, giving a new perspective to the wretched new vision of life and Christmas.

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Christmas Carol (1951) On Christmas Eve 1843 Scrooge (Alastair Sim) left the London Stock Exchange to return to his office. He stops to discuss with two other businessmen whether he is going to celebrate Christmas, which Scrooge shows he thinks is a scam. Scrooge is a cold-blooded businessman, with an incredibly bad temper and a fondness for imitation leather. Scrooge hates Christmas and everything it stands for, and despises everyone who celebrates it, including his own cousin Fred (Brian Worth), his only living relative. Scrooge refuses to invite his cousin to Christmas dinner and Fred’s lambs, because he believes in Christmas and because he is married.

Scrooge has a dedicated employee, Bob Cratchit (Mervin Jones), who works with Scrooge on the freezer. Eventually Bob goes out with his family to celebrate, while Scrooge buys his meagre food in a dingy pub, while Londoners all over London celebrate Christmas. Scrooge reluctantly gives Cratchit the whole day off, but insists that the clerk comes early the day after the holiday.

Later Scrooge returned home, where he lived alone with a minimum of comfort. Scrooge faces the ghost of his business partner Jacob Marley (Michael Hordern), the deceased Marley warns Scrooge that he must repent and accept Christmas in his heart, or he is doomed to share his unfortunate fate in the afterlife. The late businessman told Scrooge that three ghosts would visit him at night. But as soon as Marley leaves, Scrooge convinces himself that he’s imagined a ghost.

Shortly after midnight Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past (Michael Dolan). The ghost whistles in Scrooge’s past and shows a pathetic version of himself (George Cole) who was sent to boarding school after Scrooge’s father didn’t want the boy because his mother died in childbirth. Sister Scrooge’s visit – Fan (Carol March) – brings some light into Scrooge’s gloomy existence. His sister brings the unexpected news that she is here to bring him home because his father has changed.

The Ghost of Christmas then leads Scrooge to his first job in Fezzivig (Roddy Hughes), where Scrooge’s eldest son experiences his first encounter with his future wife Alice (Ron Anderson), the only love of Scrooge’s life. Unfortunately, Scrooge is forced to survive the death of Fan and the eventual loss of Alice, as Scrooge’s relentless pursuit of wealth has widened the gap between the two. He also shows Scrooge the death of Jacob Marley, where Scrooge’s partner tried to warn him with his last breath to change his course. At the end of their journey Scrooge returned to his bed.

Shortly afterwards Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas (Francis de Wolfe). This spirit shows Scrooge the joy and miracle of Christmas, and how people of good will celebrate Christmas. The Ghost leads Scrooge to the house of Bob Cratchit, where Scrooge is surprised that his employee has such a large family. Scrooge saw the Cratchit family celebrate Christmas with a skinny goose and a plate of pudding. Scrooge feels sorry for the sick son of Bob Tiny Tim (Phillip Frost). The ghost warns Scrooge that if things don’t change, Tiny Tim will die. The ghost then shows Scrooge how other people celebrate Christmas, including his cousin Fred, his wife (Eva Gray) and his friends. Finally Scrooge sees his lost love, Alice, who works in a hospice and takes care of the sick on Christmas Eve. Before leaving, the ghost shows Scrooge two bony, chasing children, called Ignorance and Benevolence, for whom the ghost tells all men to watch out.

Embraced by visions, Scrooge walks from the spirit of the Christmas story to his last coming, the Spirit of the Nativity on the Return (Czeslaw Konarski), wrapped in a mysterious figure. This ghost shows Scrooge what he can expect next year. In the finals Spirit Scrooge shows a group of businessmen discussing the death of an anonymous colleague. Men show no pain or remorse before they die. The Phantom also shows Scrooge that his wife Charvooine Dilber (Kathleen Harrison) sells items on a fence that Scrooge recognizes as belonging to him. Then the spirit shows the Cratchit family in mourning at the time of Tim’s death. Finally the ghost takes Scrooge to the cemetery and shows him his own grave. He shows Scrooge that he is the man who died, and that no one has mourned. Scrooge overcame his feelings of guilt and emotion and swore to change his habits and accept every day as if it was Christmas.

Suddenly Scrooge wakes up at Christmas in his own room. Glad he’s alive and able to repent, Scrooge begins to make up for years of boredom. He met Mrs. Dilber for the first time and promised to quadruple her salary. He takes to the streets of London and begins to spread happiness and joy among the people. Scrooge sends a turkey dinner to the home of the Cratchit family, where only Little Tim suspects sending the stimulant. He also attends his nephew’s annual Christmas dinner, where he is surprisingly well received.

The next day Scrooge drew a Cratchit, although the clerk did not come to work until he promised he would. Scrooge claims to fire Cratchit, but instead increases his salary, and promises to help the Cratchit family. The film ends with the story that Scrooge kept his word and became the second father of Tiny Tim, who didn’t die. The audience sees Scrooge and Tim walking together to the sound of Silent Night.

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