The Waiting Ghost Horror Movie is a 2020 American romantic horror comedy about a handyman who meets a female ghost while renovating a house. He tries to banish her from the house, but they fall in love.

It is directed by Adam Stovall, to a script co-written with MacLeod Andrews and based on a story by Adam Stovall and Matt Taylor. The Rebecca Films production stars MacLeod Andrews, Natalie Walker, Sydney Walmer and Amanda Miller.

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Although the film falters a bit in the third act – a subplot in which the politics of the office further wastes precious time that could have been better spent developing Jack and Muriel’s relationship – it manages to save itself with a heartbreaking (albeit dark) ending. Above all, Ghostwaiting is a refreshing dose of ironic, character-driven comedy in a genre that sometimes lacks emotional depth. Behind the veil

The script, written by Matt Taylor and MacLeod Andrews, pays homage to the classics of the genre, while still having a unique and distinctive voice. The result is a beautiful 80-minute journey about life, death and rebirth; the power of love to transcend the limitations of earthly life and create belonging, meaning and community. Cinerama Film

The agonizing anticipation is strongest when you focus on Jack’s depression, the blossoming garden, Muriel’s initial confusion about why she can’t drive the man away like everyone else, and the tragedy a mile away, but that makes the outcome stronger and more uncomfortable. CineVue

…Stovall creates a climax to the film that is both very sad and strangely sweet. It’s hard to believe this is the director’s first film; he’s taken hard-to-follow plots and created a perfect, sweet indie romance between the living and the dead, with perfectly dubbed performances from Andrews and Walker. The black eyes of London

He endures narrative inconsistencies, which is an impressive feat given the resources, and it would certainly be interesting to see what Stovall could do with a bigger budget. Although the romantic elements are too rushed to be entirely convincing, Ghost Waiting offers an original approach to kitchen metaphysics, topped with two solid songs. A staggering myth

Probably the funniest, most romantic and moving supernatural horror we’ll see this year….Ghostwatch shines by evoking the best of authors like R. Chetwynd-Hayes without ever losing its deep emotional essence. Really, really, madly, deeply amazing. I did. The house of film death

Sure, the direction is safe, the actors are safe and the black and white photography works in the film’s favor, but for such a simple and straightforward story, I was left with a confusing plot, a rather dull first half hour and a main character who is not as likable or endearing as one would think. Natalie Walker as Muriel, on the other hand, is a triumph, and she steals all the scenes in which she… My bloody criticism

The writer and director of the film deserve a lot of credit for making the film so good for the first time. St. Andrews also received performance awards at the festival. Funny, insightful, and sometimes touching, Ghost Waits was much more interesting than I thought it would be. The only real downside to the film is that it’s too long. Voice from the balcony

Ghostly Waiting is an intelligent, coherent and darkly funny film, a strange but truly moving story that deserves to be seen. For starters, it’s an incredible job. Distorted perspective

Main actors and characters :

MacLeod Andrews… Jack 11-9 Natalie Walker… Muriel
Sydney Vollmer… Rosie 19 Amanda Miller… Miss Henry…

Shooting Locations:

Cincinnati, Ohio
Covington, Kentucky
Lakeside Park, Kentucky
Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY

Technical details :

80 minutes
Black and white



How do you load…


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