(PCM) Every year on the 19th. The month of September is celebrated as International Pirate’s Day. In honour of this periodontal festival we wanted to take a moment to remember some of the most famous pirates of pop culture and Arrrrr…matey…maybe you’ll be inspired by some old stuff!

1. Captain Hook

A Look At Pop Culture’s Most Famous Pirates

Captain Hook is an unfair character who originated in 1904 from the book of J.M. Barry Peter Pan. He was brigade captain of the Merry Roger and lord of the pirate village of Neverland. Rumor has it that everyone is afraid of him, and that he is Peter Pan’s worst enemy. It is said that he was the only man who ever feared the tall John Silver, but he had two very strange personal fears: the sight of his own blood and a very special crocodile.

2. Long John Silver

A Look At Pop Culture’s Most Famous Pirates

Another famous fictional pirate is Long John Silver. He was the main opponent in Robert Lewis Stevenson’s book Treasure Island, published in 1883, and his name is still widely known today. The Long John Silvers fast food restaurant still uses its name to sell its delicious seafood specialties.

3. Willie only has one eye.

A Look At Pop Culture’s Most Famous Pirates

Who doesn’t like that stupid ’80s cult movie. If you’re a fan of the movie, you’ll probably understand why it was necessary to add One-Eyed Willie to our list!  He is the main driving force behind Mikey and the gang as they search for treasure and try to escape the evil Fratelli.

4. Jean Lafout

A Look At Pop Culture’s Most Famous Pirates

As a tribute to the real pirate Jean LaFitte, LaFitte is a barefoot pirate who constantly tries to steal the grain of our beloved Cap’n Horatio Magellan Crunch, also known as Cap’n Crunch.

5. Blackbeard

A Look At Pop Culture’s Most Famous Pirates

When someone mentions a pirate legend, the name Blackbeard surely comes to mind. Blackbeard’s real name is Edward Titch, and he lived and stole as a pirate in the 18th century. Numerous references to Blackbeard have been made throughout history and Blackbeard has certainly left its mark on the world of pop culture over the years.

6. Roberts, the dead pirate

A Look At Pop Culture’s Most Famous Pirates

Fans of the 1987 classic The Princess Bride will be pleased to know that the dead pirate Roberts was an easy choice for our list. For those of you who have never seen the film: We hate to give it away, but the Dead Pirate Roberts was actually a pseudonym for the true love of Princess Buttercup Westley.

7. Captain Jack Sparrow

A Look At Pop Culture’s Most Famous Pirates

Captain Pirate Black Pearl in the infamous Disney film Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow is an extraordinary and unorthodox pirate figure, but he’s just cute.

8. Captain Morgan

A Look At Pop Culture’s Most Famous Pirates

Long before the image we know of Captain Morgan on the rum bottles of the world, Sir Henry Morgan was a legendary Welsh captain and the Pirate Lord of the Brotherhood Court. At the end of the 1680s, under unknown circumstances, he retreated to a secret hiding place where he began to study alchemy and finally unveiled the secret of immortality and became known as the Lord of Shadows.

9. Blackbeard

A Look At Pop Culture’s Most Famous Pirates

Bartholomew Roberts, better known as Black Bart, was forced into piracy while serving as an officer on a ship captured by pirate Howell Davis. After conquering power, his navigation skills, charisma and courage drew him into the golden eyes of his people. He looted more than 400 ships, a record without a doubt, and was the captain of the ships lost in all efforts.

10. Anna Bonnie

A Look At Pop Culture’s Most Famous Pirates

We couldn’t have completed this list without including at least one hacker! This Anna Bonnie thing is pretty interesting. She fell in love and married a poor sailor named John Bonnie. Shortly afterwards, however, she was disappointed by her husband’s lack of courage and began to prefer the company of many other men in Nassau. Among these men was Calico Jack Rakham, captain of the pirate ship. She joins her team, plays and dresses like a man (even if she is drunk and fiercely fights), then fights under his command, and with another pirate, Mary Reed, she convinces the team to shed more blood and violence and becomes an impressive pirate herself.

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