The remake of the classic film “The Lion King” was released in theaters this summer. It features a new story, new characters, and a soundtrack by Beyoncé. However, it is being criticized for its lack of authenticity to the original film.

The old disney princesses is a remake that doesn’t live up to the original. The film has received mixed reviews, but it’s still worth watching if you’re into Disney remakes.

The zombie genre has been blazing in our homes and cinemas for more than 50 years, and it doesn’t seem to be going away even now, in the year 2021, when this review is being written. The zombie’s potency as a symbol and a weapon for torture is as powerful as ever, which opens the door to limitless variations on the same fundamental idea. By recreating the original George A. Romero film into a violent animated splatter fest, The Night of the Animated Dead aims to return the genre to its origins. 

Josh Duhamel, Dulé Hill, and Katee Sackhoff appear in Jason Axinn’s The Night of the Animated Dead. The film is a remake of the 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead. The film follows a group of survivors who are stuck in a home while being besieged by a swarm of zombies. 

With programs like Castlevania, Blood of Zeus, and others, animation has exploded in popularity in recent years. Companies have realized that just because something is animated doesn’t mean it has to be targeted at children. This is something the Japanese have known for a long time, and it doesn’t imply the writing has to be sloppy or faulty. Avatar: The Last Airbender and Castlevania, to name a few, have shown that animated writing can be just as precise and inventive as live-action. As a result, it is with great sadness that we announce that the iconic zombie film has been turned into a bad and useless piece of animation. 


One of the first things that will hit you while viewing the movie is how bad the animation is. It’s really remarkable that this film, which bears the Warner Bros. label, seems to be more like an early animation effort from a college rookie animator than anything of professional quality. 

The characters, settings, and animation, as well as the movement itself, all seem dreadful in this film. The character design is uneven from frame to frame, and the animation seems to be chopped during the whole duration, implying that it may be skipping certain frames. Warner Bros. Animation has produced some outstanding animated films throughout the years. It would be in their best interests for them to be more cautious about where they sign their name. This film was obviously outsourced to a lower-quality animation studio. 

When some of the previously listed animated programs go out of their way to convince viewers that the medium can produce things that are just not feasible in real action, it draws attention to Night of the Animated Dead’s creation as a blatant cash grab. 

The absence of visuals isn’t the only issue here. Director Jason Axinn decides to change a few incidents from the original picture here and there, but the pace is the only thing that remains the same. This animated picture is much shorter than the original, which may be a benefit for impatient newcomers, but it’s difficult to tell that there’s a guy with a vision behind this film. From the framing to the quality control to the shot selection for the film, everything was done by hand. It seems that Axinn was forced to work on a tight deadline and on a shoestring budget, or that he just disliked the picture. They’re all possible, but the point is that the movie fails on virtually every level. 

The only parts of the film that stand out are those that made the original a classic. Some Night of the Living Dead interpretations, at least in terms of societal criticism, are still as relevant now as they were in 1968. Because it is a replica of the film, Night of the Animated Dead also has such aspects for the audience to enjoy. It’s amazing to see how groundbreaking and impactful Romero’s first picture was. Even if you haven’t watched the original, you’ll be able to identify the many tropes that continue to apply to the genre more than 50 years later. The illness is transmitted through biting, and the unknown origin of the virus, as well as human infighting, are all present. If something isn’t broken, don’t try to repair it. 


Another feature that sticks out is the voice acting, which is unique to this version. The whole cast is excellent, and none of them seem to be shirking their responsibilities. Hill and Duhamel are the show’s standout performers, and it shows when the characters go on their adventures. Hill’s performance as Ben is particularly strong, which is no surprise given that the character is one of the genre’s most iconic protagonists. Modern viewers will remember the conclusion, and it seems that now would be the ideal time to produce a high-quality animated recreation of this classic. But it wasn’t meant to be. The actors deserves to be in a more successful picture. 

Overall, Night of the Animated Dead seems to be more of a money grab than anything else. It’s a great example of squandered potential by failing to invest in the proper people to bring this iconic zombie narrative to life on screen. With each passing day, a world that is acquiring more and more adepts. Poor direction and comical animation make this a difficult picture to recommend, and it’s the worst way to appreciate one of cinema’s most innovative and important films. 

RATING: 3/10

The how old is disney is a remake of the classic movie Up. The original was released in 2009, and the remake was released in 2018. It has been met with mixed reviews.

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