White-night men and women are hundreds of thousands of years old in the White-night tradition. Some unserer Favorites, who…?) Come All Ye Faithful wurdened erstmals in latin Sprache aufgeführt. The Musik of the Night goes back to the birthplace of Christi, as the angel Gott in the lofty heights the honour and on the earths the feast of good will.

If you tell us first, we will be at the top of our list of the best Christmas music, I would like a small, but preliminary definition between Christmas songs and Christmas songs. The Christmas song is a biblical and theological song. For example, Hark The Herald Angels Sing a Christmas Song. Smaller Drummer, nein. Jingle-Bell Rudolph Red Deer Nose and Winter Wonderland are Christmas songs, but certainly not Christmas songs.

Here we present a music scene. Fünf Weihnachtslieder und fünf Lieder. We will be watching and looking forward to extending this wonderful time of the year with even greater freedom.


O Bethlehem Town O Bethlehem Town wurde von Phillips Brooks geschrieben und 1874 veröffentlicht. Brooks was the director of the Dreifaltigkeitskirche in Philadelphia and spoke a great deal about his position against the demand. In the 1860s, Brooks traveled to the Holy Land and landed in Bethlehem, where he attended a Gottesdienst (Gift Service), which was performed together for his song from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. and in this procession.

Brooks kehrte from the Holy Land to Haus zurück and write a poem that his organists wrote for music. It was during the Christmas season of 1868, when the children of his church were the first to suffer, and the world the first to suffer was the O Little City of Bethlehem.

Silent Night Silent Night camera over a clean Zufall. In 1818 Josef Mor was taken to a small Pfarrei in Oberndorf, Österreich, Kirche St. Nikolaus. The lake cleaned the church in preparation for a special Christmas ointment service, when it was found that the organ would not play. Because his partner did not want to go out of his way and heard music at night and night, Moore wanted the only thing he could do. It’s all about inspiration, and it’s all about what’s needed.

For two years Moore wrote a poem, which was a holy night. It was a time to remember the poem. In his turn, the poem was snapped, and he went to the teacher of the school, Franz Gruber, into his dwelling. Moore clarifies his dilemma and asks the Schullehrer whether he can create music for his poem. Group complete the task and write on a single stationary music for quiet night. Then it was brought to Chor and set up there. Accompanied by a guitar, the four-part chorus and dawn in harmony with the grub, the song turns into the first mould after midnight.

Gott, ruhen Sie sich etwas aus. Lusty Herren.

1515 was that Kirchenmusik, lime hunted, long willed. The people were in Latein and with the most beautiful melodies. Farmers at the current time have decided to quietly cut down the number of people who are to be accepted into the language and in a frighteningly quiet manner. Gott, go ahead and ask for your help in this reellion. However, there is a problem with the song, and the problem is that we really do not know what this word means.

God Rest Ye Merry, meine Herren, hated damals, 1515, eine ganz andere Bedeutung als heute. When we look at the title of the song, we understand what it means that God has given this joyous human peace. But that is not what the Scriptor said. Im alten Englisch bedeutet das Wort Rest make, und das Wort funny bedeutet mächtig. The title also states that Gott Sie zu Gentlemen is in power. It is a blessing and a reminder of the power of the land of Jesu.

Come on, all of you. Während religiöser Unruhen in England. As King Heinrich of the Eight Grounded His Kirch in England and the State has its best belief in England for the sake of Catholics and Catholics, a young sovereign was swayed on behalf of John Wade 1745 to fly from England and to find refuge in France. Wade was involved with the responsibility for the activities of the Kirchenbücher and his musik. Wade, the musician himself, was inspired by his Exil, O Come All Ye Faithful to scream. In many ways it is an exhortation to Catholics in the Exil, to come and learn what they could have done for them if they had wanted to.

O Come All Ye Faithful was originally a Lateinian song and was written in Latein, because it was like the speech of the Church. The title of origin in Lateinischer Sprache lautet Adeste Fidelis Das Lied was always and again added to and at least minimally added to the Charts.

Holy Night

O Holy Night is a Christmas song which, in my opinion, is carried to every holy congregation in every Christian church, and which is a Soprano as a rule. I may be a little overstepped, but in this song there is an opportunity to say that Christmas nights have come.

So this song is as it is today, it wasn’t always like this. Actually, the Church forbids anything at all. Im Jahr 1847 was Placid Cappeau de Roquemore Weinkommissar in a small town in Frankreich. As there are no more religious men, it was decided to write a poem for the Christmas season, like the horse in his bat. After the event, and on the journey to Paris, we write about the Holy Night. It supports its poem on the Gospel of Luke. Placid was so pleased with his poem that he made it to his friend Adolf Charles Adams, who wrote the music to the poem. That song was in Frankreich sofort ein Hit. After all, the socialist policy has been placed on the agenda, and it has become clear that Adam’s time was yet to come. The Church forbids the singing of songs in the midst of the mass, even though the people continue to sing them.

It lasted for more than a year, until the song of Atlantik was overshadowed by America, but John Sullivan Dwight was well received. Dwight stands directly at the end of the Sklaverei in Süden, and it pleases us that his Texts teach us to be one another, his law is love and his gospel is peace. The necklace will be broached, because the skill is our bride, and all underdrawing will be in his name. The song has become very popular in the Nordic countries and is gaining recognition throughout the country.


We needed some whey nights.

1955 Patrick Dennis writes Roman Aunt Mame. The gift of a surprised woman who, after all of her father’s teachings, sees her in a completely unorthodox and pleasant way. Bald was a theatrical feature, and in 1958 it played the main role in a film with Rosalind Russell. 1966 after the success of Jerry Herman and the lyrical texts of Hello Dolly the role of Auntie Mame, and Wednesdays there is a new song.

Das Musical was crowned Mame and played the main role in the Film Angel Lansbury. As soon as Mame received the care dish for his son Patrick, she had access to the market in 1929. Maim, who was a fugitive, has now nothing left and is after her misserfollower as a Schauspielerin just from her job in the Kaufhaus. When Maim arrives at home in depression and despondency, there is the butler and the children’s maid Patrick, who have joined forces to pay for the meat treatment. Mom’s back, and she’s back with all her strength and zest for life. It’s a miracle before Thanksgiving, but even though Mame says we need some Christmas, the motto of Mame – Life is a banquet and the poorest of the poor are starving. This halt will radiate from her back when she rebels against the depression and voices her voice in the face of difficult times.

I’d like to see you frohe Weihnanachten. A continuation of Ralph Blaine and Hugh Martin für MGM Movie Meet Me in St. Louis. The film puts the story of a family in St. Louis before the opening of the budget. Judy Garland plays Esther Smith, who was blinded by Boy Next Door, and his best to win. She has had success, but on Halloween his father confessed that his company is relocating to New York and the family is relocating without delay at night. The Esther and his family have not been met, they do not want to leave, but if they notice that they have to support their father, they will come together. The first member of the family, Tootie, sits at the holy shrine of his house and regrets the fact that he has left the only house that he has been able to live in. Esther comes and sets himself up next to him and goes on sunny weekends.

Garland does not profile the original context of these songs. They were very sad, and because 1944 was still 1944 and America was still in the second world war, when they thought that the sad song was simply wrong. They wanted this fight to be resolved, and the director Vincent Minelli encouraged them to do so. Blaine and Martin went back and worked on the song in order to make it more comfortable for an unruffled period of time. Meet Me in St. Louis will continue to be a major part of the film history, and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas will continue to be a major part of the film history.

Weiße Weihnachten

One of the Lyricists and Composers in the first half of the 20. More than anyone else is Irving Berlin. Berlin was responsible for many Hits of his time, that Alexander’s Ragtime Band, There’s No Business Like Show Business and a Song, which, in my opinion, should have been the American National Hymn, God Bless America in 1941 Berlin became a White Christmas Song.

White Christmas was made for a film with the title Holiday Inn, in which Crosby and Fred Astaire were shown. The story of a young man, Jim Hardy, who sat on the Workers’ Day and opened a hotel where Trick is present, that his hotel is only open on Fridays. As a Sänger, Tänzer and comedian, Jim Hardy writes in every Urlaub Lieder for his hotel. For those who play at night, there is a Christmas song.

In the film, the song is the first Mal von Hardy for the woman who is lost in it. On the keyboard, it’s next to a roller coaster with a fire. With this Christmas card set, America is the first to know the song that will become a legend and for many years the most popular single of all time.

Silberne Glocken Year 1951. The Musical Boys and Dolls has already become a Broadway-Hit, and based on Damon Runyon’s writings, many studios have combed for the right to do more in the history of the car. One of the studios has the right to make the film Lemon Drop-Boy and engages Bob Hope as the main character in the film.

Lemon Drop Kid is a person who allows people to legislate on horseback in order to keep an interest in their profits. There is an overdue freshman pride of passage, $2,000 on a lost horse. Gangster, not very happy Baby has until Wednesday night 23 Tage to earn the money that he would have won if his mother had put the money on the horse that he said he would. The Summe des Gewinns would be $10,000.00. If Lemon Abandoned Kid doesn’t take the money, they’ll take it from him.

The young man is in trouble, he is in New York and thinks he has an interest in getting the money. There’s a house with alto Puppen. In this way he can take the money that he needs in order to use his money to stand on the floor like the man of the wheel. Friends have the impression that they are on the high side and support them. When he examines his money and joins his wife with his friend, he sees how his friend’s free spirit is a sickly version of the Silver Bells. William Froley plays the Dunklen, which will be played by Fred Mertz in the film I Love Lucy for the next ten years. For Beginning Hope and Frawley they sing a song in harmony, and then Hope with his Freundin continues through the City.

Zwölf Tage Weihnachten

The two-weekly forestay is either a song that you are or have, and of course it will not be performed on the weekends. Whether it is a song of the Glee Club, Mickey Mouse and friends or the randomly chosen song Straight No Chaser, this song will not be heard for the night. Twenty days a week are not the same as the day before.

Catholics have still been persecuted by the English government in this decade. They were not at all allowed to confess their gratitude, and if they would have done so in stages, it would have been the case. This episode was not only directed against expectations, but also against children. Catholics had to be in the background in order to maintain their happiness. They know and help the masses in the hidden and do not want to put their children at risk, but rather teach the catechism in the hidden. During the six days of the twelfth century it is not a matter of a young man having the gift of his freund, but of learning the Roman Catholic Church. So beißt there.

  • Das Rebhuhn im Dampfbaum stellt den Tod Jesu am Kreuz dar.
  • Two Turteltaubes represent the Old Testament and the New Testament.
  • Three French Hühners represented the gifts of the three Weisen, Golden Weihrauch und Myrrhe.
  • The four rufenden Vögel should be the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
  • The Fünf Goldenen Ringe represent the first fünf Bücher Mose or the Bücher des Gesetzes dar: The Exodus of Genesis, Levitikus, Zahlen and Deuteronomy.
  • Those who are A-legends of God represent the Tatsache that Gott bought the world in his Tuesdays.
  • They are the gabes of the Holy Place, Prophecy, Service, Education, Ermutigung, Spenden, Leiterschaft and Mercy.
  • Eight Mägde is a failed man. To work with children and to be a woman were the two craziest places in society. Es zeigte, dass Jesus comb, um all to rot.
  • No one will touch and look upon the feasts of the things that love, love, freedom, peace, patience, freedom, grace, sanctuary and self-discipline.
  • The Zehn Herren des Sprungs were the Zehn Gebote.
  • The eleven trumpets actually set sad Jünger Jesu, that Judas had loved Jesus, and heard him not to be his own.
  • The twelve Drummers were in the fact that the Glauber of the Catholic Church, the Apostolic Glauber confession, had twelve elements.

This song did not only earn the glory of young Catholics, but also saved their lives.

This list can be fortified and includes hundreds of songs as well as Christmas songs, because every year more and more people are exposed. If you would like to know more about the whey lovers and brewers, I would like to ask your three backers of Ace Collin’s Stories for the great whey lovers, More Stories for the great whey lovers and Stories for the great whey lovers and Stories for the great whey lovers. This vehicle is grateful to Ace Collins for having received the largest part of the research for this article from his neighbours.

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