While most of the characters in ‘A Teacher’ are too busy becoming teachers to even notice, one major character in particular seems to be struggling with his own self-image. Director Zhang Yuan’s film, which follows a teacher as he begins his career, sees the character, played by Huang Xuan, shaved bald as punishment for failing to turn up for a job interview. He’s not the only one, as several other characters in the film are forced to go bald by their respective bosses—and it’s a telling choice by the director. Zhang’s previous films have all explored the darker side of life, and it’s no surprise that this latest feature tackles one of the most taboo topics in

It’s a sad fact of our offline lives that we spend much of our free time doing things that can hurt our looks, and that’s no different for teachers. “A Teacher” (2016) is a coming of age drama, set in the late 1960s, focused on a kid’s experience as a new “gentleman” in a small town. The kid, a rebellious teenager, works his way through a high school education, while turning his back on his once idealistic view of teaching.

Guru was born on the 10th. November 2020 as a 10-part miniseries on FX. The only good thing about this series is that with every episode we got a warning that it contained adult content. It could be, but overall the whole series was adult and absolutely disgusting.

Yes, there were things that seemed to add up in real life. Claire (Kate Mara), a relatively attractive young woman, starts a new job as a teacher and soon befriends Eric (Nick Robinson), her handsome 17-year-old student. She became attached to him, a little faster than she should have. He was clearly attracted to her and she took advantage of that.

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It seems that her common sense should tell her not to do this because he is her student, but in the third episode she engages in a sexual relationship with him. In the second episode, he tried to kiss her after she took him on a visit to UT. She discovered it was his dream school, and since she was already tutoring him, he felt comfortable visiting his alma mater.

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While they were there, he met his friend, who invited them to the fraternity house to get some barrels and eggs. This is the episode where she asks him to call her Claire. The teacher should know that it is in her best interest to say no, and she should also know that she should not go alone with a student on campus. No, Claire is not just another teacher, she is manipulative, cunning, devious and looking for attention. We have some colorful words to describe Claire.

Throughout the series, we see Eric fall in love with Claire. It all starts when she enters the restaurant where he works. He stayed behind to pay his friends’ bills and she decided to take care of everything, saying she worked in a restaurant. They spend this time talking, then she takes him home and agrees to teach him English.

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Later, when he is caught drinking at a party, he learns that the policeman is Claire’s brother. Neither of his parents were available, so he asked Claire to take him home. She comes and takes it, that’s another questionable line.

When Eric is 18, Claire takes him to a country house for breakfast. They can’t do anything and the age difference becomes clear again when she asks him to go into town to a bar. He says he has no papers to enter the bar, so they stay inside. Claire talks to her husband on this trip and Eric gets jealous.

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On their return, Claire is at her husband’s concert, befriends Marielle (Catherine Davies), a French teacher, and confesses to her that she has had an affair. After a few whispers, she confesses to having an affair with a student named Eric. At first Mariel doesn’t believe her, but when she realizes it’s serious, she tells Claire to report it. The next day, Claire tells her husband that she is having an affair.

The police show up to talk to Eric about his inappropriate behavior towards Claire, and of course Claire is not allowed into the school. She’s at home, her husband wants to take care of her, but he’s angry with her. He wants to find a lawyer, try not to press charges, and go to a marriage counselor. Instead, Claire decides to run away with Eric. They’re going to a motel outside of town. We hear her husband on the phone begging her to do the right thing.

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Eric leaves Claire at a motel in the middle of the night and disappears from her life. Claire then goes to the police station and surrenders to the police. Believe it or not, she only spent six months in prison.

While Claire serves her sentence, we see Eric at the University of Toronto preparing to join the fraternity. People call him a legend for being with his teacher and a savage for having sex with her and then letting her go to jail. He struggles to forget and move on with his life, continually refusing therapy.

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He eventually returns to his mother (Rya Ingrid Kilstedt), crying and saying that he needs help and that she is grateful that he has returned. This takes place after he visits Claire after her release. She told him that nothing in their relationship was love, that he was ruining her probation and that he was just a way out for her. Again, we realize that Claire is just a manipulative, terrible person.

That was years ago. Eric leads the kids’ field trips into the wilderness, and talks about coming home for the reunion. His mother asks him to go to the grocery store to get something and he meets Claire. He has to leave the store because he can’t be around her. At the meeting he meets his girlfriend Alison (Camila Perez) and she asks him to stay with her at the hotel, which he does.

As he leaves the hotel, he receives a text message from an unregistered number – it’s Claire, of course. She asks him if he can take her to lunch. We hoped he wouldn’t agree, but he did. While he’s with her, Claire keeps talking about her. Not that we expect her to do anything else. She says that life is hard for her, that everything is hard. When Eric points out that she’s only talking about herself, she tries to hold back a little.

Then she talks about herself, about not being able to go to parent nights, about giving her life for him, about googling him and caring about him. We can only hope that you are thinking what we are thinking – this woman is sick. Finally, Eric pulls himself together. He tells Claire that everything she did with him was screwed up, that she set him up, that she was the one who told him to call her Claire, that she was the one who showed him around college, who offered him tutoring, that she was the one who handed out the tickets, that she was the one who made everything sexy, that she was the one who fucked him over and over again – like today. At the end, he tells her that she is not one click away from everything, as she said, but that she must live the rest of her life with everything she has done, just as he has. After this speech, he leaves.

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Eric Walker said what we would like to hear. He pointed out what she was doing, drew her attention to the way she was watching him. Claire has spent so much time in this series talking about how hard everything has been for her. It may not have been easy, but it was her decision. Sometimes she tried to justify everything by saying Eric was 18. It doesn’t matter. Repeat this process one more time: This. It does. No. Material.

Claire took over. If the roles were reversed, no one would congratulate Eric, no one would consider him a legend. He is a survivor and should be recognized as such. He should be seen as a man who has overcome. He’d been through everything Claire had put him through, and it hadn’t been easy. People thought he was a legend. It’s important for us and for everyone to recognize that the fact that the teacher is a young, attractive woman doesn’t make the situation any different. She had power over Eric, and she was preparing him to be what she wanted him to be.

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