SOPHIA NEW is a very famous astronaut from St. Petersburg, Russia, who strangely looks like T’Paul from Star Trek : The Enterprise. On her Facebook page, some 800 pictures of Sofia throughout Russia and Europe, but also at home, always in make-up and often in costume, look almost identical to her fictional volcano analogue. The only difference is Sophia’s amazing smile, which seems to convey true happiness and enthusiasm with Star Trek and life itself.

All this was shattered on Sunday by this one Facebook post:

My loving husband and father of two sons passed away today at 4 p.m. on Covid-19.

Sofia and Vadim were married in 2006. The obvious illness quickly attacked him, as Sofia wrote typical messages on Facebook on Friday, after which on Saturday she saw a report that Vadim had been rushed to the hospital and to the intensive care unit to be given artificial respiration.

By the time I printed this document, there were over 650 sympathetic comments. I can’t imagine her grief and loss… and the loss of their two children. Of course Sofia has my condolences, just like my wife, although she has no idea who we are.

Sophia’s connection to the film fan community – she was a big Aksanar fan, not just because of Gary Graham’s appearance, who told her about his role as Sowal ambassador – came about three months ago when Vance Major asked her to shoot a couple of episodes like T’Paul in his latest airplay series CONSTAR COMPLETED. Vance was one of Sophia’s thousands of friends on Facebook, but they have communicated a little bit over the years about the Star Trek Cosplay group on Facebook.

Sophia voluntarily agreed to help Vance and sent him screenings of Green T’Pol, who have already appeared in an episode of The Legend Things with her good friend David FRANCOER .

Sofia will also appear in Vance’s new film 1000 Dirty Tricks in a few weeks.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first COVID-related death to hit the fringe community… or even the Vance Constar family. In late spring HIMILICE JACKSON DE ALVAREZ in Puerto Rico died of the new coronavirus. As a member of the USS San Juan International STARFLEET Fan Club she came to Kingsland, Georgia to visit the NEUTRAL ZONE STUDIOS sets during one of the first fan evaluation weekends. That day Vance was there shooting a movie and asked Himmils and a few others to be extras. Khimilche appeared in Just Another Day, and in the beginning, to free himself, both kidnapped in 2019.

When Vance heard of Himilche’s death at the beginning of the year, he gave him an opening at the beginning of the Fantastic Daily Newspaper, which was published on 22 January. Mei appeared…

With nearly 1.5 million deaths from COWID-19 worldwide and 273,000 in the United States, the chances of the pandemic surviving are clearly slim.

But I’m begging everyone to wait. The vaccines are almost there and another six months of social distance, washing hands and wearing a mask will not kill us (unlike the alternative). So, be careful, watch out for others, be smart and safe.

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