The devil always comes the way you want him to come.

Above Suspicion is a 2019 American crime thriller about a married FBI agent who has an affair with a young woman, causing a scandal. She then becomes his star informant until events lead to a murder.

The film is directed by Phillip Noyce (Dead Calm) from a script by Chris Gerolmo, based on the book by Joe Sharkey, and stars Emilia Clarke, Jack Huston, Sophie Law and Johnny Knoxville.

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Some may take issue with the fact that the film doesn’t condemn Putnam Houston, who is given a moral redemption here that doesn’t reflect actual events. Those expecting Finnish sophistication or The Girl on the Train will probably also be disappointed by Smith’s slow story. This is not a bent nail machine. Rich

The pacing keeps the plot from fizzing like a stew, and only the basic psychological springs are explored. The introductory death at the beginning of the film serves to emphasize the quiet pace, while the voiceover places Susan front and center, abandoned in her life as she has lived it. An eye for film

Chris Gerolmo’s script immerses Susan in the obsession of Fatal Attraction – but Noyce (Giver, Salt) has too much taste to direct this exploitation film, as emotions run high. While the technical values and secondary performances (especially Knoxville) are impeccable, Suspicion doesn’t create the same compelling atmosphere as other rural drug dramas….. The Hollywood Reporter

Emilia Clarke’s accent, though imperfect, is certainly a remarkable achievement on her part – though I suppose her career has given her some insight into the difficulties of working with language and accent. Particularly noteworthy is Johnny Knoxville’s performance, which is surprisingly subtle for a man who has made a career out of being, quite literally, a professional asshole. The opinion of the parents

… it’s not boring, the fight’s true, spoilers – the key informant on the Fed murders. But there’s nothing emotional either, not least because, despite Clark’s compulsive nature, there’s nothing between Susan, the spiraling victim, and Susan, the narrator who is tired of her own ending, she says. Variety

Date of publication :

Lionsgate will release Above Suspicion on the 14th. Released May 20, 2021 in select cinemas and on demand; 18. May then be on Blu-ray and DVD.

The actors and characters:

Emilia Clarke… Susan Smith
Jack Houston… Mark
Sophie Law… Katie Putnam 1 A9 Johnny Knoxville – The… Cash
Austin Hebert… Randy McCoy
Thora Birch… Jolene 19 Carl Glusman… Joe… Bea
Kevin Dunn… Bob Singer
Brian Lee Franklin… Rufus
Omar Benson Miller… Denver Roads
Chris Mulkey … Todd Eason
Brittany O’Grady… Georgia Beale 19 Luke Spencer Roberts… Bones
Lex Kelly… Daughter Susan
Landon Durrens… Son of Susan / Isom Smith


Berry, Cowood, Harlan, Lexington and Paris, Kentucky.

Technical details:

104 minutes, format
: 2.39:1


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frequently asked questions

Has the movie Above Suspicion been released yet?

About the suspicion.

Where can I watch the thriller movie of 2019?

The film is above suspicion.

Isa true story beyond suspicion?

Above Suspicion is the true story of a rookie FBI agent assigned in 1987 to a support office without close supervision in remote Pikeville, Kentucky, where he was under intense pressure to make arrests.

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