Gather your friends and make beer and pizza… Action USA is an unforgettable experience when watching action movies!

You know, as an action fan, I’ve had my share of disappointments. Frankly, there have been too many activists who have made promises they could not keep in terms of the content of their activists. Despicable. So I’m trying to be very careful now. I don’t want my heart broken again.

So when I hear about a movie called Action USA, my ears hurt. American Action? ?? That’s a big promise, guys. But how can I ignore it with a name like that? I had to be sure, so I went to check. So, he delivers? Let me break it for you!

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After her boyfriend is murdered by gangsters whose diamonds he stole, the girl is protected by two FBI agents who intend to save her from a fate that separates her.

Wow! This film, as the title suggests, is getting out of hand! The main themes of this film are car chases, high falls, bar fights and explosions. That’s all I’m saying. You want a story? These filmmakers have never heard of it! They just want to overload you with a bunch of spectacular tricks for nothing. And they’re doing damn well!

I may have exaggerated a little. There’s a story, but it’s not that important. Consider the introduction as evidence. After two minutes a beautiful woman kisses a man, when two boys, who look like Wolfman’s brother Jack and an Edward James Olmos fan, break into the house and kidnap the man.

They throw him in the trunk of their car and take him to a nearby helicopter where they continue to fly and hang out with him. A woman chases her, and after surviving a terrible helicopter crash in the river below, he and a girl get into their car and plunge into an epic chase, which shows 17 destroyed cars and countless near-fatal collisions with pedestrians.

VHS Warehouse: Tonny Tulleners – Scorpio (1986).

Value of the platforms and MurtaughVelikaya

Oh yeah, the chase is also blocked by a serious car accident and a huge explosion. All this happens about three minutes after the start of the film. These filmmakers really know how to set the tone, don’t they?

Oh, yeah, about that story. It’s about hidden diamonds, gangsters, the FBI. There are two cops who look like Great Value Riggs & Murtaugh trying to protect the girl and three bad guys chasing them because of Frankie’s mob boss and one of the guys looks like: It’s like he robbed Dennis Weaver’s locker room at McCloud, , and carried a bigger rifle than Jack Nicholson at the end of Batman. His name is Draco, and it’s just that they’ve been chasing each other for 80 minutes. That’s all there is.

Be reasonable, that’s good. Discount Riggs (played by a man of Hack O’Lantern) and Mertag are good police heroes. The girl’s cool, and the bad guys are idiots. The real protagonists of the cast are the film legends Cameron Mitchell and William Smith, who each seem to have filmed the two cameos for an hour, although Smith does more. Looks like Mitchell hasn’t left the house, not even for a second.

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But how safe is it?

Grips? There were some boring places that made me think: For a movie called Action USA, , it becomes a kind of immobility – but a car chase would follow and distract me. Or how the bad guys, who were handy in the same place with the good guys, started to annoy me, but then something exploded and I forgot.

It’s a movie, ladies and gentlemen. Better visibility. Where the creators just wanted to give you pleasure. The true definition of a film about beer and pizza. So do yourself a favor: Take six packs, order a whole cake, sit down, press play and watch the chaos disappear.

And praise for the filmmakers and the stunt artists behind it. You certainly kept your promise. Take a bow.

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