You may have heard that the Wachowskis are working on a Matrix 4 movie. But what you may not know is this is only the beginning—so to speak. Last month, the pair confirmed that they are developing an animated TV series and are in early discussions with HBO to create a live-action TV series adaptation of the film. We’re not sure what’s going to happen creatively on this front, and what direction the Wachowskis will take the franchise, but as long as they’re doing something with the franchise we are all ears.

The Matrix trilogy has been a staple in pop culture for more than two decades now, and in 2015 the first Matrix film will be released again in theaters. The Matrix came out in 1999, and a trilogy of films followed including Matrix Reloaded (2003) and Matrix Revolutions (2003). After 18 years, Neo and Trinity are back for the final installment.

The Matrix. A movie series that has been around for the last 22 years! The Wachowski duo first came up with the beautiful and thrilling concept of Neo, who fights against a new reality called the Matrix. But, of course, his battle wasn’t fought alone. Along with the company of his mentor, Morpheus, and his love interest, Trinity, it felt like the group was inevitable. After three movies, we thought the story was over. But now, 18 years later, the legendary Neo and Trinity are pairing up once again to fight against the Matrix.

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Something interesting came from the Wachowskis right after The Matrix Revolutions. After the third movie was released, they went on record and said they had no intentions of continuing the series. However, they thought the final film ended on a satisfying note. Neo and Agent Smith’s fight was considered the perfect climax for the movie as there was a clear victor. But now, let us explore some new areas that give rise to the franchise’s fourth installment.

The power-packed cast for Matrix 4

When the first movie came out, there were some big names such as Laurence Fishburne, Huge Weaving, Monica Bellucci, and several others. But now, along with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, there have been some extraordinary additions. Some of these names have already made significant headlines before the announcement of their roles in the movie.

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One character that is being reprised from the previous trilogy is Jada Pinkett Smith, who is again going to fill in the suit for Niobe. But other than that, there are many other eminent personalities to look forward to. Another star reprising his role is Lambert Wilson. He is famously known for playing the Merovingian in the previous Matrix movies. The famous Daniel Bernhardt also reprises his role as Agent Johnson from the previous movies.

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For the first time, Priyanka Chopra has been cast as one of the main members of the movie. Her extensive work in projects such as Quantico and Baywatch have really put her up on the Hollywood map.

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Another starring role that is making a fresh entrance is How I Met Your Mother’s, Barney Stinson. That is right! It is Neil Patrick Harris. He has also been cast in an undisclosed role. Along with Neil Patrick Harris, this next star has been making quite the headlines for herself as well. She is none other than Jessica Henwick from the Marvel television universe. Yes, indeed. The woman who plays Colleen Wing, Danny Rand’s love interest in the series, Iron Fist, has been cast into the movie as well. Jessica has been making headlines for her role in the Marvel shows. Her work will only continue to get better as she now joins one of the biggest movie franchises in the world.

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The next star who has been brought in for the surprise is Christina Ricci. Her work in movies such as The Addams Family and Casper has been well known. She has been associated with the Wachowskis before when she was cast for Speed Racerback in the day.

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And now, we may have saved the best for last. This man has made headlines for movies and shows such as The Trial of the Chicago 7, Candyman, Aquaman, The Greatest Showman, Watchmen, and many others. Yes, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II has now been cast in an undisclosed role for the fourth Matrix film!

Does Laurence Fishburne return as Morpheus?

Through all the talks and all the speculations, there is still one question that remains unanswered. Does Laurence Fishburne return as Morpheus? Morpheus, the man behind making Thomas Anderson into the Matrix fighter, Neo. Does he return for the fourth installment? Lana Wachowski or any of the creators have not made an official comment about his return. We hope we get a good Christmas surprise for ourselves as Morpheus also joins Neo and Trinity for the thrill again!

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If and when Laurence Fishburne comes back, we can expect the Matrix to come back in full bloom. But if not, let us just get back to enjoying the company of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss.

Lana Wachowski returns as the director!

It is exciting to announce for the fourth time in a row, Lana Wachowski is coming back as the director of the Matrix. Although, you might be wondering that the last three movies have been directed by the duo, which also included Lily Wachowski. When asked the question, Lily, as to why she isn’t pairing up with her sister for this one, she has a revealing opinion.

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Lily said that movies like the Matrix thrive a lot on the subtext. Because of this factor, she did not feel compelled to work on the Matrix film this time. And in this case, she left this sense of creativity in the hands of her loving star. That is why in the fourth movie, Lana will be working as the standalone director for the film.

This does not mean that the duo will not be working together. On the contrary, they stated that the Matrix has a special place in their heart and will be irreplaceable. But now, they got better projects planned for the fans.

A great year coming up for Keanu Reeves!

Now, the coming year is probably the most exciting time for Keanu Reeves. As his cinematic legacy once again takes a giant leap, all the fans are looking forward to his work. Not is he just coming back as Neo in the Matrix, but now he is also coming back as the mad assassin known as John Wick.

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That is right! Along with Matrix 4, the fourth part for John Wick has also been confirmed. More good news adds up as the famous and renowned Chas Stahleski returns once again as the director for the movie series. It will be a year full of work for Keanu as two big blockbusters release him back-to-back! It was also rumored that Keanu has also been confirmed for a fifth John Wick movie. But as of now, there are no confirmed reports regarding this. Speculations are being made, but Keanu has been keeping many of these secrets from the fans, of course for professional reasons. But we can only hope that it is an absolute yes. And if so, Chad once again returns as the action-packed director.

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With all of this said and done, it is now best to wait for Neo and Trinity to come back and fight the battles of the Matrix. New cast, same director, thrilling story, how could the times get any better. Matrix 4 hits theatres on 16th December 2021. Keep waiting for the comeback!

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