An android hunter from space is about to bring hell to earth.

Alien is a 1990 science fiction film about an alien criminal who escapes from a spaceship in the woods of an American city. A ship captain sends E.T., a deadly gynoid, to retrieve the prisoner. She pursues him relentlessly, along with a group of teenagers and the local sheriff.

The film, apparently made in 1988, is a semi-release of The Amazing Monster Woman (1957). Robert Clarke, who stars in this film, also appears in Alien.

Directed by Fred Olen Ray (Glass Trap; Werewolf’s Tomb; Deep Space; Star Slammer; Biohazard; Scalps) from a script by Paul Garson (Cyclone), it features Jan-Michael Vincent, John Phillip Law, Ross Hagen, PJ Soles, Robert Clark and Robert Quarry. Produced by Jeffrey K. Hogue.

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The story itself isn’t really bad and progresses at a decent pace; there’s no denying that it’s also a lot of fun. Director Fred Olen Ray (Cyclone) knows what kind of movie he’s making and does his best on a limited budget. All in all, Alienator is a B-movie at its best with terrible effects and a hilarious villain. Elite responses

Alien is a bad movie. There are no two ways around this. Aside from the deer moment, the film doesn’t really do anything different than ten or twenty other films similar to this one. Of course, the filmmakers have done everything possible to write a dead screenplay, but the intentions of the filmmakers cannot save this film. Grande Maison du Cinéma

One literally gets the impression that everyone involved was instructed that there were only six days left, and then every effort was made to put together some sort of feature film. Fred mentions in the comments that some of the pyrotechnics were quite sophisticated, and I would agree with him, but there’s not much else to say.

Mediocre special effects, terrible acting from the young actors (Wildsmith and Richard Wiley, in the role of the RV’s beer driver, are particularly bad), Vincent’s mumbling apathy and muffled footsteps kill him, and Chuck Cirino’s dull music gives it the distinct aura of a cheap Roger Corman/Concord version of the era.  Directed directly on set, Alien isn’t even a bad entertaining film. It’s just bad. A good and efficient meat processing plant

The actors all play with disarming honesty when they should be getting carried away, the rhythm is as bland as toasted rye bread, and the special effects are not good enough to be – well, good – but not good enough to be hysterical either. In short, the whole thing is a get-it-in-the-moment-movie-style exercise in madness, and can hardly capture interest, though it should have its grossly appealing nonsense. Through a broken lens.

…Stranger suffers from a lot of padding (the opening credits sequence drags on) and too many supporting characters. The film is also too long. If it had lasted about 75 minutes, Alien could have been a mini-camp masterpiece. Either way, it’s an overlong, half-baked, but moderately entertaining Ray’s opus. Vacuum for video

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The actors and characters:

Jan-Michael Vincent… Commander
John Phillip Lowe… Ward Armstrong
Ross Hagen… Col.
Diana Ortelli… Orry
Jesse Dabson… benny
dawn wildsmith… Caroline
P.J. Soles… Tara
Robert Clarke… Lund 19 Richard Wiley… Rick 11-9 Leo Gordon… Colonel Coburn (as Leo V.
Robert Quarry … Dr. Burnside
Fox Harris… Burt 19 Hawk Howell… Harley
John Henry Richardson… Prison Sergeant Major (as Jay Richardson)
Dan Golden… Prisoner in the electric chair
Joe Zimmerman… Head of Security (played by Joseph Zimmerman)
Katie Brett … Technician no. 1
Joseph Pilato… Engineer #2
Jeffrey C. Hogue… Bug Faced Guard
Grant Austin Waldman… Guard number 2
Teagan Cleave… The Stranger (as Teagan)
Fred Olen Ray … Tech #3 (no accreditation)

Fun facts:

Japanese title – Aliens 2




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OPEN MONSTER (1957) Figures and exams

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