Next on the list of characters from Happy! We have Amanda Hansen, represented by Medina Senghor. Amanda is Nick Sacks’ ex-wife, and for good reason: She is Haley’s mother, who heads to the mountains to find her daughter. She ends up in the monster parts of Sonny Shine and develops severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the second season. In the comics, her role is much more limited, and not only does she appear occasionally, but even her name is unknown, she’s just called Mrs. Hansen called (we will use the name of the She series as a utility). Let’s see who Amanda is.

Amanda Hansen was born in New York and has had a pretty good life. She married Detective Nick Sacks, an honest and generous man with whom she was very much in love. She truly believed that her marriage would be the beginning of what would be the rest of her life, and on her wedding day her first words to Nick were a happy goodbye, Miss Hansen, but life apparently had other plans for her. When they moved in together, everything was going well, until it didn’t. They took care of the house together, they talked, they loved each other, they trusted each other, and then Nick disappeared from her life. Physically, he came home every night, but he barely spoke, didn’t tell her what he had done all day, and didn’t even help her put up the Christmas tree in the living room. Amanda kept trying to break her husband’s silence, but it was as if he lived on another planet where she couldn’t reach him. Deep down, Amanda knew that all that heavy silence Nick had brought home was a way to protect her, a way for him to keep her safe from all the monstrous things he faced every day, but that barrier between them still tore them apart, and she knew she had to do something to keep from losing him. When she discovered one day that she was pregnant, she thought it was a sign that her child might be the glue that held them together. She was wrong, she was terribly wrong.

Of course Amanda had bought a pregnancy test, and when it came back positive, she couldn’t wait to tell her husband the news….. But something else had happened, something totally unexpected. All this time Amanda thought her husband was leaving her because he was dealing with so many terrible things in his job that he just didn’t know how to communicate with her without blurting everything out, but it turns out she was wrong: someone had emailed her pictures of Nick and his partner, Detective McCarthy. They kissed. Amanda was devastated, left Nick and walked out of his house without looking back. She severed all ties with her ex-husband, easily divorced him thanks to his infidelity, and did her best to forget him completely….. But she kept the baby because it was the only good thing she had in her life. Nine months later she gave birth to a baby daughter, Haley, but had kept her existence a secret from Nick….. He didn’t even bother to check if she was okay or alive. Amanda proved to be a good mother and raised Haley alone, although she inevitably missed her father from time to time. One day, years later, a new nightmare shattered the little bit of happiness the woman had found: A few days before Christmas, Hayley disappeared, like so many other children in these December days. Police seemed unable to find the missing children, and Amanda knew she had to be prepared to lose her daughter forever….. but she couldn’t lose hope. She couldn’t lose Haley either, not after her entire life had been so cruelly and suddenly taken from her.

Amanda Hansen is a pretty resilient woman, a strong and independent person who is able to rebuild her life from the ground up after all her hopes and dreams for her future have been taken away. After enduring her husband’s silence and strange behavior for longer than many would have done in his place, she has become a single mother able to take care of herself and her daughter….. Until things slipped her way once again, leaving her with broken dreams, a broken heart and little hope for the future.


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