What was it like for a Disney princess to grow up in modern times? This article will explore how the hallmarks of Ariel’s childhood were affected by feminism, social media and her relationship with technology.

Ariel’s Sisters Names, Age, Hobbies, And More is a blog about the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid.” It will include information about Ariel’s sisters names, age, and more.

The Little Mermaid is a timeless Disney animated film that became a favorite among youngsters growing up in the 1980s and 1990s. Of course, the film recounts the adventures of Ariel, a mermaid who is one of King Triton’s daughters. Ariel’s desire to become human after falling in love with a man is explored in The Little Mermaid.

Despite the fact that The Little Mermaid is mainly centered on Ariel, it is worth noting that she is just one of seven daughters. She is the youngest of the seven sisters, after all. Because the film concentrates on Ariel, we were able to get to know her without having to learn about the other sisters. So, what are the names and personal details of Ariel’s other sisters now that that’s out of the way?

What Is Ariel’s Sister Count?


Ariel is one of the most beloved Disney princesses of all time because she inspired young girls all around the globe to want to be mermaids one day. That is why, despite being one of Disney’s many princesses, Ariel remains one of the most recognizable. Among all of the popular princesses, she is, of course, the only mermaid.

While we previously said that Ariel is the lone mermaid among all of Disney’s princesses, it is important to remember that she is just one of the daughters of the ocean king Triton. That suggests she has a number of sisters. In actuality, Ariel is the youngest of King Triton’s many daughters.

So, now that that’s out of the way, how many sisters does Ariel have?

Ariel is one of King Triton’s seven daughters, and she is the youngest of the seven. That implies Ariel has six sisters in all, all of whom are older than her. According to legend, each of the seven princesses represents one of the seven seas.

Names of Ariel’s Sisters

Despite the fact that Ariel has six sisters, you may have observed that they play tiny parts in practically all of The Little Mermaid’s appearances. As a result, it was difficult for most people to remember their names or learn more about them. Ariel’s sisters do, however, have names, and they are:

  • Attina
  • Alana
  • Adella
  • Aquata
  • Arista
  • Andrina

Age, Hobbies, and Description of the Ariel Sisters 

If you wish to learn more about each of Ariel’s sisters, here are some details from Disney literature:

1. Attina


Age: 21

Reading and investigating the history of the sea are two of my favorite pastimes.

Orange is my favorite color.

Attina is King Triton and Queen Athena’s first and eldest daughter. She is considered the successor to the merfolk realm since she is the eldest of the seven sisters. Of course, being the eldest, she is seen as the most responsible of the seven sisters, but some of her sisters consider her to be overbearing. 

Reading and studying the history of the sea is one of Attina’s greatest loves, and she is often shown as a bookworm, a characteristic that has helped her become a better leader and sister. She also doesn’t want to disappoint her father by letting him down since she is the eldest. She finally married a prince from a faraway land, according to one of Disney’s periodicals.

2. Alana


Age: 20

Picking flowers and spending time alone in the garden are two of her favorite pastimes.

Purple is my favorite color.

Alana is King Triton’s second daughter, and Queen Athena’s first. She is generally referred to be the most glamorous of the seven sisters, which is why she wears her hair in a style that resembles her parents’ five-pointed crown. She is also the one of the seven sisters who is most concerned with beauty and health. Despite her stunning features, she is often depicted in the stories as a bashful sibling.

Despite not having many lines in the films, she is the sister with the most lines in the Broadway show. This doesn’t seem to match her quiet demeanor, although she does have a closest friend called Pearl, who is the polar opposite of Alana in every aspect due to her boisterous attitude. And while we’re on the subject of music, Alana enjoys jazz and the tambourine. 

3. Adella


Age: 19

Dates with males are one of my favorite pastimes.

Light green is my favorite color.

King Triton and Queen Athena have a third daughter named Adella. She is widely regarded as the most infatuated with guys among the seven sisters, to the extent that she dreams about kissing a boy and dancing with one. Adella like romantic songs and is more inclined to play the violin as a result.

But, since she has concerns with her appearance (and wants to be recognized by males), she despises it when her sister Andrina mocks her and makes jokes about her.

Adella is the most active sister when it comes to going out on dates, owing to the fact that she is the wildest when it comes to wanting to be with males. Her interests involve not just going out with males but also chatting about them nonstop. She even got to kiss a male in one of the films. Despite her fixation with being thin, she gained weight in one of the films before losing it all and being skinny in the television program.

4. Aquata


Age: 18

Water sports and rock music are two of his favorite pastimes.

Baby blue is my favorite color.

King Triton and Queen Athena have a fourth and middle daughter named Aquata. In the Latin language, her name means “water.” She is often shown as the roughest and most athletic of the sisters. That is why Aquata enjoys a variety of aquatic activities and is the most athletic of Triton’s seven children. Her stern demeanor, on the other hand, sometimes put her at conflict with her younger sister Arista.

Despite her toughness and athleticism, Aquata is the most obsessive-compulsive of the seven sisters, to the extent that she dislikes it when her sisters take her hairbrush, pillow, or seashells. When her sisters take her belongings, she typically adopts a rough and impetuous demeanor that demonstrates her obsession with getting her things back.

And, despite the fact that Aquata is the most athletic of the sisters, she is the most bashful when it comes to dancing since she is the worst of them all.

5. Arista


Age: 17

Playing music and having a good time are two of my favorite things to do.

Red is my favorite color.

King Triton and Queen Athena have a fifth daughter named Arista. Her golden hair is styled similarly to her sister Aquata’s, with the exception that she wears her bangs a little differently than the elder princess. Arista is considered as the bubbliest and most fun-loving of the seven sisters. She can, however, be a bit of a jerk at times, which is why she is often referred to as someone who isn’t as brilliant or as intelligent as the other sisters.

Arista is arguably second only to Ariel in terms of being adventurous, thanks to her outgoing nature. She even went on to accompany her younger sister on one of Arie’s trips because she was envious of her. Despite the fact that Arista is the bubbliest and most active of the seven sisters, she prefers to follow the rules, which doesn’t seem to fit with her nature.

Andrina is number six.


Age: 16

Joking about, chatting, and exploring are some of my favorite pastimes.

Violet is my favorite color.

King Triton and Queen Athena have a sixth daughter named Andrina. She is known for being the funniest of the seven sisters, and she enjoys telling jokes. Andrina despises those who don’t know how to appreciate a joke or even comprehend what the joke is about since she enjoys them. Her quips, on the other hand, might lead to minor arguments between her and her elder sister Adella.

Andrina is said to be the wittiest of the seven sisters since she enjoys cracking jokes. Her blabber mouth, on the other hand, is the reason she enjoys gossiping as well as making a lot of jokes. Despite this, she is a daring mermaid who enjoys going on adventures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ages of Ariels sisters?

A: The ages of the sisters cant be known because they are not specified in the movie.

Which of Ariels sisters is the oldest?

A: You can find here.

How old is Alana in The Little Mermaid?

A: Alana is eight years old in the original theatrical release.

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