The TV show Ash vs Evil Dead is a horror-comedy that follows Ash as he battles the forces of evil, including his own personal demons. It was created by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, two of the original founders of the Evil Dead franchise.

The the evil dead is a horror movie that was released in 1981. It has been remade twice, once in 2013 and again in 2017.

Evil Dead scared (and thrilled) moviegoers when it originally came out in cinemas in 1981. The horror film, which follows a group of college students on vacation in a mysterious home in the woods, became a cult classic and spawned a series of sequels.

Although a fifth episode seems to be in the works, the most current film was released in 2013. From 2015 through 2018, the television series Ash vs. Evil Dead aired on Starz.

Because the Evil Dead series is known for having some of the scariest scenes coupled with a great storyline, I’ve put together a full guide to viewing the Evil Dead film franchise in sequence, including the TV episodes, in this post.

Order of the Evil Dead Films by Release Date

If you want to see the Evil Dead movies in sequence, there’s just one way to do it: in the order they were released. There are no time jumps, so you may view them all at the same time. The following is a list of all Evil Dead films, including the short film and TV program, in chronological sequence of release:

  • Within the Woods (1978) is a short film that was released in 1978.
  • The Evil Dead is a horror film that is based on (1981)
  • Evil Dead 2 is a sequel to the first Evil Dead film (1987)
  • Darkness’s Army (1992)
  • The Evil Dead is a horror film that was released (2013)
  • TV Show: Ash vs. Evil Dead (2015–2018)

In chronological order, these are the films from the Evil Dead franchise.

1. Within the Woods (short film) (1978)


Within the Woods is a short film that serves as the first chapter of the series. A group of pals gathers for a weekend in a rustic cottage in the woods. Two young couples, each with four teens, decide to spend the weekend together at a secluded cabin in the woods.

Without the group’s awareness, an invisible entity follows and observes them. Ellen and her boyfriend Bruce go for a picnic meal in the woods. 

Scotty and Shelly, the other couple, stay at the cabin and spend the time by playing Monopoly. Bruce tells Ellen during lunch that they’ll be sleeping on an Indian burial site. Ellen is worried, but Bruce tells her that everything will be OK as long as they don’t damage the deceased’s graves. After that, Bruce investigates the region and finds an old Indian dagger.

He ignores his own counsel and grabs the dagger. As a consequence, he turns into a zombie and starts killing his friends. To escape being killed, they must band together.

2. Night of the Living Dead (1981)

This is the first official film in the series, having been released in 1981. It introduces Ash, the protagonist of the series, as well as the Book of the Dead and the perils that come with it. The Evil Dead is a horror film with a dark sense of humour.

Five friends decide to spend their vacation in a wooded home. They discover a book called “The Book of the Dead” as well as a tape recorder belonging to a professor who also owns the house. One of them plays back what was recorded on the tape, which turns out to be Candarian resurrection passages transcribed by the professor from the Necronomicon (Book of the Dead), releasing a horrible force from the woods.

The people begin to change into evil deadites, and the others soon learn from the film that the only way to kill a deadite is to dissect his or her whole body. People are being killed on a daily basis; early in the movie, one girl loses control and runs into the woods, only to be raped by the trees.

3. The Evil Dead 2 (1987)


The series’ characteristic humor was established in this 1987 picture, but the horror aspects surrounding Ash’s meetings with the Necronomicon and demons were expanded upon. “Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn” is a bloody comedy masquerading as a horror film. On the surface, it seems to be a typical horror picture, with a vomitorium designed to separate debauched teenagers from their food. 

On closer inspection, however, the film shows itself to be a highly brilliant spoof. It will be deemed offensive by Level One viewers. Individuals on Level Two, such as me, will consider it offensive.

After finding a rare copy of the Book of the Dead in the woods of Michigan, visitors inadvertently summon evil spirits. The spirits disembowel and vivisect their victims, wreaking devastation. 

The hero battles terrifying magical forces bravely, but he is no match for the unspeakably wicked monsters that hide in the cellar, the woods, and behind every door.

This story is completely conveyed via the use of special effects. Skeletons dance in the moonlight. Heads spin on top of bodies. Hands become violent and start attacking their owners. After being severed, they take on a life of their own. 

In vises, heads are clamped and crushed. Blood splatters all over the place. Guts gushing out. Slime erupts from the ground. If gruesome gore and nauseating images aren’t your thing, you’ll probably dislike this flick.

While The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II have a lot of plot similarities, the tone of the flicks is vastly different. While both films are sarcastic, the first is a much more straightforward horror thriller than the sequel.

The Evil Dead is a thriller/horror film that focuses on classic characteristics of the genre, such as splashing the screen with fake blood, enabling the performers to give over-the-top performances, and deliberately putting people in circumstances where they do foolish things.

4. Darkness’ Army (1992)

In this sequel to the Evil Dead films, a bargain shop clerk (“Name’s Ash. Housewares.”) is time-warped to a medieval castle haunted by horrific forces.

Through his car, Ash is taken to the year 1,300 A.D., when he is abducted by Lord Arthur and sold into slavery with Duke Henry the Red and a handful of his soldiers. When Ash is thrown into a pit, he defeats two demons and wins the respect of Arthur’s soldiers and vassals.

The Wiseman recognizes Ash as The Chosen One, charged with recovering the Necronomicon, but Ash is more concerned about returning home. After discovering that the only way to return to his time is to utilize the Necronomicon, Ash decides to go to the terrible nation of the Deadites. 

To safeguard the wicked book, the Wiseman instructs him to utter the words “Klaatu Barada Nikto.” However, Ash overlooks the last word, and a legion of the dead rises to assault Arthur’s castle and recover the Necronomicon.

The battle between the living and the dead is about to begin, and Ash and Arthur will need the help of Henry the Red to defeat the army of evil.

5. The Walking Dead (2013)


Mia is a heroin addict whose most recent overdose was on the verge of killing her. Mia’s longtime friends Olivia and Eric take her to her family’s historic home in the woods to quit cold turkey, knowing she would not survive another try.

This isn’t their first attempt, but they’re hoping that by having Mia’s brother David close, she’ll have the support she needs to weather the storm.

Strange things begin to happen as soon as David and Natalie arrive at the cabin; Mia complains of a foul odor that none of her friends can notice, and David and Eric discover what seems to be the site of a macabre ceremony when they descend into the fruit cellar. 

Among the animal bones and odd objects is an old book that has been sealed with heavy-duty plastic and barbed wire. Eric, intrigued, manages to tear the book free and finds something disturbing: the book is wrapped in human flesh and includes an incantation that would summon a powerful demonic force.

Eric ignores the warnings not to speak or even hear the incantation and reads the words aloud, guaranteeing his and his companions’ deaths. They will be seized one by one until there are no souls left. The lucky few will be the first to expire, their souls condemned to pain as their bodies are twisted into grotesque flesh deformities. 

Will the last person remaining have the courage to return these terrible demons to hell, even if it means killing their friends and loved ones in the most horrific way imaginable, or will the powers unleashed by this wicked book prove too powerful for any human to overcome?

6. TV Show Ash vs. Evil Dead (2015–2018)

Ash vs Evil Dead is a comedy-horror television series featuring Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams from the original Evil Dead trilogy, based in Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead world.

The series picks up approximately 30 years after the events of the first three Evil Dead films, and it serves as a sequel to that trilogy. At the “Value Stop,” Ash Williams works as a stock boy. In addition, his friend Pablo and the object of Pablo’s affection, Kelly, also work at the company.

Since his return from 1300 AD following Army of Darkness, Ash seems to have achieved nothing in his life, since the series opens with him living in a trailer and drinking alone in bars.

But, by picking up weapons and fighting the eponymous Evil Dead, Ash must swiftly leave his ordinary life and regain his heroics. In his quest to save humanity, Pablo and Kelly join him.

Is it necessary to see all of the Evil Dead movies in order?

The first three Evil Dead films have the same plot, narrative, and cast of characters, thus it’s essential to see them in sequence. The storyline is also continued in the third film. Each film in the series contains a synopsis of the previous video, making it easy to view on its own. The fourth picture is a standalone with a similar plot.

Are There Any More Evil Dead Films in the Works?

A sequel to The Evil Dead is in the works for WarnerMedia’s HBO Max streaming service, according to New Line. The Evil Dead Rises is being made for HBO Max exclusively. However, Campbell has indicated that Evil Dead Rise would be searching for a new female protagonist.

The evil dead rise release date is the upcoming horror movie that will be released in October. It’s a sequel to the classic horror comedy film, The Evil Dead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Evil Dead movies in order?

The Evil Dead movies are not in order.

How many Ash vs Evil Dead movies are there?


What movie is Ash vs Evil Dead based on?

The movie is based on the comic series of the same name.

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