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The most important thing is the castle: Hilary Swank, Josh Charles.

The creator: Andrew Hinderker

The trip is not a typical science fiction space adventure. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll probably be disappointed in the show. If you’re looking for something different, stay here and see if this original Netflix is right for you.

Star Hilary Swank as Emma Green, astronaut and commander of the Atlas. Atlas is going to Mars. This first manned mission to the Red Planet has a multinational crew and is seen as a great hope for the future of mankind – the future of cooperation, peace and adventure. Five crew members will spend a total of three years on this mission – months for the voyage and enough time for reconnaissance.

The series begins before the Atlas leaves Earth. We meet Emma and her family – her husband Matt (Josh Charles) and her teenage daughter Alexis (Talita Bateman). Not just about her, but about the mission. Each episode focuses on both the ship and what happens at home, combining science fiction and family drama and adding a modest dose of romance.

I won’t talk much about the specific stories that go through Away – that would ruin everything. I would say that the whole package – cosmic adventures, family and psychodrama, even the liberal splashes of teenage rage – suits me. The dynamics on board of Atlas are particularly well thought out and beautifully captured.  We have the claustrophobic feeling of flying through space in a can and the interpersonal tensions associated with an inherently dangerous situation. We also get great images of space, the moon and Mars.

The success of the Away mission is largely due to the chemistry between the players. Hilary Swank is a bit limited, but she works with the situation her character finds herself in. More interesting are her teammates Mischa (Mark Ivanir), a Russian astronaut and repentant father; Lu (Vivian Wu), a Chinese astronaut and chemist under pressure to be what she is not; Kwesi (Ato Essandoch), a British-Germanic botanist on his first space flight; and Ram (Ray Pantaki), an Indian pilot, a doctor, second in command. In this first season in which the crew is challenged by their mission, loyalty is formed and changed, develop and break relationships and become personal problems of the crew. The interpersonal drama on the ship is very well done.

The connection between the ship and the ground is made by Emma and Matt. Matt is a NASA engineer and part of the mission’s ground staff. They communicate both personally and professionally as the ship sails into the unknown, and Matt tries to become a single father with a teenager. Referring to the fantasy part of science fiction, it seems that the ship will be able to communicate with home via SMS and mobile phone long after it has left Earth. It allows Emma to communicate comfortably with Alexis when she has to deal with her mother’s absence.

Some family dramas are rather sentimental, but I don’t mind (it doesn’t suit me). Emma and Matt are clearly soul mates, and it is their love that will help them on this journey. Vomiting. But somehow it doesn’t rub (too) against other elements. I really think they can soften up that part of the show and everyone would love it and still understand that Matt and Emma are in love. Saves me two dozen eye patches. Teenage problems aren’t really worth it. Talita Bateman is a good actress and carries with her something that with a subtle touch could become a rather despicable material that helps us to deal with certain clichéd situations.

Overall I have enjoyed this first season of Loin more with each installment of Pass. I felt invested in the characters and the mission, with some of the same energy and expectation you get when you look at Apollo 13. If you’ve never seen a television show before, you don’t know how much of it will be solved, but there is a real tension in the process. The actors are very good, the cosmic visualization is incredible, and I love the combination of action, drama and the vision on the psychological price the film crew pays to make the story. Until the 15th. October 2020 Netflix has not officially updated Away, but I hope that on the 2.

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