Barnabas Wolfe, the actor who played the protagonist role in the anime film “Kite”, is one of the most successful actors in Japan. Not only has he appeared in over 110 movies and over 35 TV dramas, but he also achieved a considerable amount of popularity both domestically and overseas. While this is certainly a remarkable achievement for any actor, it is particularly impressive for a non-Japanese actor, since Japanese actors typically have a lower profile internationally than their Asian counterparts.

The Molecule Master is a character that was created by Atomhawk for his fan-fiction series, “The Molecule Man Saga”. He was created to be one of Atomhawk’s all time favorite bad guys, and was very popular within the Atomhawk community. The Molecule Master is described as a at the top of his profession as a scientist, and is a genius at chemistry, engineering, and biology. He is known for his bizarre and twisted experiments, and his obsession with creating the perfect machine to remove emotions, and thus, replace them with logic. This is a man who is obsessed with perfection, and will stop at nothing to achieve it.

A name is a conversation starter more than a qualifier or a means to an end. A name is a window to a person’s personality, profession, and outlook. It’s as much a reflection of the person behind it as it is a marketing tool.

To find the latest new comic book characters that appeared in the first season of Jupiter’s Legacy, we have to go to episode five of What’s the Use? starting with one of the most memorable secondary characters in the comics and in the series: Barnabas Wolfe, played by Paul Amos. In the episode, he’s a somewhat snobby superhero who helps Brainwave and Paragon autopsy the corpse of Blackstar’s clone and doesn’t miss an opportunity to taunt the other two heroes or flirt with Lady Liberty. In the comics, his role in the story is significantly different, although his appearance is exactly the same. Let’s see.

Barnabas Wolfe has always been very smart, much smarter than the average person, and he has never hidden that. With a brain like his, he congratulated himself on always knowing where his interest lay and always taking care of himself. He became the Master of Molecules, a genius superhero who repeatedly assisted the infamous Justice Alliance with his incredibly intricate plans. However, he doesn’t like it much and is never stylish enough for the fashion magazines. The life of a molecule master was boring… but it wasn’t supposed to be. As long as the heroes stuck to the old rules, it was just a game: The villains could do whatever they wanted, and they could always be sure that the heroes would always try to find a clever way to keep them in check without hurting them. But when the Utopian and Lady Liberty were killed in the coup, everything changed forever, and there was no place for games in the new regime controlled by Brandon Sampson and Brainwave. Barnabas Wolfe was one of the first to realize how different the situation was, and he immediately dropped his pseudonym, went to the White House, and offered his services to the newly created government. Brainwave was no fool and knew how useful and reliable a man of Barnabas’ abilities and intelligence could be, so he more than willingly accepted him into his new police force with the rank of Major. In the early days of the regime, Major Wolfe was put in charge of an anti-terrorist unit tasked with tracking down the many unlicensed superhumans (as well as those who were not loyal to the regime) still lurking in the world after the coup – a task simple enough for someone who rightly claimed to be Sherlock Holmes in the superhuman community.

In the nine years since, Major Wolfe has single-handedly found, unmasked and captured dozens of former superheroes and supervillains, filling Super Max with opponents of the regime. In Melbourne, Australia, he interviewed the company’s anonymous claims manager, a lady named Joan Wilson, who he thought was something more. In the last seven years, Wilson has never been to the doctor, never paid the heating bill, never used the train or the car…. But it was only a distraction, because while they were talking, Barnabas had replaced the air molecules in the room with methoxyflurane, an anesthetic gas that puts all non-surgeons to sleep, while they were both clearly still awake. Joan Wilson was actually Shelley Weaver, aka Skyscraper, one of the former wanted super criminals. She tried to escape through the window Wolfe had hoped for, and it turned the molecules of the road and the glass into a sticky substance that immobilized the huge woman. While Skyscraper is arrested and locked up in a giant cell in Super Max, Wolfe continues his hunt: Strange superhuman activity was recorded in the area, and a thundercloud that appeared out of nowhere extinguished a massive fire. As the number of strange rescues increases, Wolfe conducts forensic investigations using satellite recordings and discovers in a single raindrop the reflection of a young boy dressed in the colors of Utopia : He wasn’t one of the twenty-eight wanted fugitives, but his obsessive side was the perfect bait to set up a confrontation. He attacked the port’s bridge, disguised his soldiers as innocent passengers in danger of drowning, and waited, and boy, did he inevitably come. Wolfe easily eliminated him, but just as he was about to arrest him, the boy called out to his mother….. who came: She was Chloe Sampson, the most wanted woman on the planet, and Barnabas had just found the bounty he had been waiting for all these years.

Barnabas Wolfe is a brilliant man, a genius with incredible deductive skills, who found the job of a superhero extremely boring and uninteresting for an intelligence like his. As a Molecule Master, he possesses superhuman strength and stamina, but his main skill is manipulating inorganic matter on a molecular level, rearranging it as he sees fit: He can change the air itself into solid matter, walk on it, change objects into others, or force matter to change its state. With his own powers and intellect, Barnabas Wolfe is one of the most powerful and dangerous superhumans on Earth. He has found his true calling by becoming the hunter of his former colleagues and enemies for a regime finally led by a man with an intellect like his – Brainwave, perhaps the only man on the planet he considers his equal.


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