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Big bugs with a bad attitude.

Bite me! – 2004 American science fiction horror comedy about large mutant insects running loose in an exotic dance club.

Written and directed by Brett Piper (Outpost Earth; Crab Queen; Arachnya; Draniac!), movie stars Misty Mundae (Shock-O-Rama; Raider Mummy; Vampire Strangler; and others).), Julian Wells (Dracula Thirst; Spider Babe; Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde), Rob Monkevich (Screaming Dead; Arachnia; Psyclops), Erica Smith (Skin Alive; Splash Beach; Shock O-Rama), Michael R. Mundae. (Skinners alive; Shock-O-Rama), Erica Smith (Skinners alive; Splash Beach; Shock-O-Rama) Thomas (House of the Wolfman; Vampireixes; Mistress Frankenstein), Caitlin Ross (Shock-O-Rama) and Sylviane Hebens. Produced by Jeffrey Fareau and Michael Razo


After the failure of a drug deal, using biological technology, marijuana is delivered to Go-Go-Saurus, an exotic dance club known for its huge dinosaur statues in its parking lot.

Club owner Ralph Vivino (Michael R. Thomas) is worried, because if something goes wrong in the club, his rival Teresa (Julian Wells) will take his place.

Insects that fed on a spoiled pot and turned into bloodthirsty insects immediately caused problems for Ralph and the club dancers Crystal (Misty Mundae) and Trix (Erika Smith), because the insects infected the club, sucked blood and caused chaos. Ralf hires an ineffective Buzz O’Reilly fighter (Rob Monkevich), who is then supported by Crystal, who has been given a stimulating thumbtack.

Meanwhile, the crazy DEA agent Miles McCarthy (John Fidel) arrives to destroy the cargo. But it helps unintentional insects to mutate further…

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The real influence of Mary Jane will probably be seen in the scenario phase 🙂 While Sirenki Misty Munde and Julian Wells dance wonderfully with a pole, it’s Piper’s Mr. B-U-G-S Skitters who deserve a small 20 gauge string. Brett also gives Superham John Fidela the long-awaited tool to train his comedy demons – not to mention the impressive final transmutation that makes all screen pigs squeak! DVD conversation

One of the posters on the wall at the strip club was for a Barbed Wyre doll. I wouldn’t put Bite me in the same category as that filthy masterpiece, but I liked looking at it. The spiders were cheap, the strip club looked like an abandoned garage, the strippers were sleepy, but fuck you! – it’s good for cheap Saturday night entertainment. Dr. Gore’s reports

…is most successful, as a stupid little comedy with (mostly) incorrigible characters. It’s clear that Piper loves actors, and they react immediately (dare I say it?) to the nuances of performances that are energetic and funny and never degenerate into burlesque – they don’t tire you just to distract attention from their fellow stars.

Go-go Saurus is attacked by herbivorous insects and strippers, led by the world famous Misty Munda and the always beautiful Erica Smith, who must fight for survival. Add a stupid fighter who is nice to spiders, a crazy DEA agent who is looking for Mr. Big in the war, and you get a funny and crazy B-movie! Film Café Indy

…if you understand what this film is about, there’s no doubt about it.  Brett Piper just wanted to throw an insect man, and he has a lot of fun going through the different stages of the mutation. It may not be one of his best films, but it’s a collection of great moments that keep it all together.  But it’s still a wild and stupid ride that makes Brett and his team shine for many moments. Rivets on the poster

The scenario is vague, spongy and sometimes superfluous. There are some very funny parts at the beginning of the film, but they are surrounded by material that defines the subdivision, which never really pays […] Anyway, fuck you! – It’s a funny movie. It’s worth watching it because you love wretched monster movies, or if you’re a fan of Misty Mundae or any other actress in it; they really play it and they’re good! Titans of terror

It suffers from the fact that it does not follow its stupid rhythm and sometimes seems too cheap; but it is a bit of a horror/comedy, holding its tongue firmly in its cheek and coming out with a lot of stupid dialogues, a few humorous moments […] and decent acting in its entirety by the actors. There’s nothing special here, and the effects vary from normal to weak, but there’s enough to make it worthwhile for fans of shitty movies. Video cemetery

…a cheerful and pathetic cinema that embraces its low-budget roots and, at the same time, is more than just a normal B-movie. He praised Piper’s direction and added that the whole cast manages to be very funny and sometimes clever – a wonderful achievement of The Wire.

The protagonist and the characters:

Erin Brown… Crystal/Iris (like mountains fog) Julian Wells … Teresa-Rob Monkevich… Terence Buzz O’Reillyerica Smith… TrixMichael R. Thomas… Ralph Vivino-Caitlin Ross… Amber-Silvianna Chebanes… GinaJohn Paul Fidel… Miles McCarthy (as John Fidel) Carl Burrows. Eugene Frack (as Carl Doc Burrows) David Fine… Cobhort Frack (as Dave) Schön)Justin Wingenfeld… Rupert. Chris Mimicos… Hershel Igor Fernandez… CopTanisha… Officer James Yankivich… Bar wrestler (as Jim Yankiwich) Tom Taggart… Calls up a bar to fight.

Shooting locations:

New York

Technical details :

85 minutes

That’s what it looks like:

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