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It’s the year 2154, and the government is no more. In place of that old, corrupt system is a network of powerful corporations, and the most powerful is OCP. It’s the OCP that gave us Robocop, and the OCP that will give us Delta City. It’s Robocop that has been programmed to only use lethal force. It’s Robocop that knows only the law of order, and not the law of the land. It’s Delta City that can only be built if Delta City can become more profitable than Detroit. It’s Delta City that will make OCP the most powerful corporation in the world.

It’s a good thing that Bill and Liam escaped their captors, because their freedom was about to take a huge turn. They couldn’t have predicted the blackmail that would change everything, but the change is exactly what they needed to be happy. (This is the end of the story.)

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