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Blithe Spirit is a British comedy about the 2020 meeting, in which the spirit of the writer’s first wife, now deceased, is summoned and causes chaos.

Led by Edward Hall, he made his film debut after numerous stage and television productions. The script was written by Pierce Ashworth, Meg Leonard and Nick Mercroft, based on the play by Noel Coward, movie stars Dan Stevens, Judy Dench, Isla Fisher, Leslie Mann, Emily Fox, Callie Cook, Amy Fiona Edwards, Julian Rind Tutt, James Fleet and Simon Koontz.


CSI bestseller Charles (Dan Stevens) struggles with a catastrophic writer’s block and a stressful deadline for his first scenario. His perfect second wife, Ruth (Isla Fisher), is doing her best to keep his dream of going to Hollywood alive.

A desperate search for inspiration leads Charles to invite Mrs. Arkati (Judy Dench), a medium recently exposed to fraud, to a meeting at her home. They all get much more than they agreed when Arkati accidentally summoned the ghost of his first dead wife: the fiery and jealous Elvira (Leslie Mann), who accepts the order to kill Charles so that she can spend eternity with him, resulting in an increasingly comical and deadly love triangle……


If you go to this movie and think it ends like a play, think again. The traditional ending adds irony and comedy to Coward’s script. This goal, a failed attempt to side with a feminist team, falls apart. This radically changed the bow of Madame Arkati Dencha […] adding the thought that maybe we didn’t need a new adaptation of Blithe Spirit. Drunk critics


Blythe Spirit will be launched in the United Kingdom on Boxing Day, 26 September. December 2020, open.

In the United States, IFC Films releases the film on the 19th. February 2021 in some places and on request.

The actors and characters:

Fisher’s Island… Ruth Condom
Dan Stevens… Charles Condom
Leslie Mann… Condom Elvira
Judy Dench… Mrs. Arkati
Emilia Fox… Violet Bradman
Amy-Fion Edwards. Edith
Julian Rind… Tutt… Dr. Bradman
James Fleet… Harry Price
Simon Koontz. Henry Mclntosh
Michelle Dotris… Edna
Colin Stinton… Cecil B. de Mille
Adil Ray… Mandip Singh
Callie Cook Googie Witters
Dave Jones… Howard
Georgina Rich… Hedda Hopper
Stella Stoker… Greta Garbo
Alfredo Tavares…
Ambulance driver Martin Mager… Psychiatrist
Julian Ferro… Lace Boy
Delroy Atkinson… Reverend Green
Dean Winchester
Charlie Carter… Newspaper salesman
Issy Van Randwick… Margot (as Issy Van Randwick)
James Sigrove … Clark Gable
Theo Ip… Reporter
Connor Jones. MGM operator
Andrew Reid… Tennis player
Zack Wyatt… Fred
Owun Birkett… Pinewood
Film crew Christina Callaghan … Guest of the Garden Party / Crying / Guest of the theater
Peter A Rogers … Young Hitchcock

Shooting locations:

Blithe House, 23 Blithe Road, West Kensington, London, England (outside and inside)
Joldwinds, Surrey (Condom House)

Nice facts:

Before that, the film Blithe Spirit was shot in 1945, involving Rex Harrison, Constance Cummings, Margaret Rutherford and Kay Hammond.

Here we go:

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