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Ray Harrison, an elite soldier killed in battle, is brought back to life with advanced technology that gives him superhuman strength and a quick recovery. With his new powers, he sets out to find the man who killed his wife, or at least thinks he did. He soon comes to the conclusion that not everything he learns can be trusted. The real question is this: Can he trust himself? (According to Columbia Pictures)

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Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel) is a US Marine who specializes in rescue missions. After a successful operation in Mombasa, Ray and his wife Gina (Tallulah Riley) go to a hotel in a small coastal town on the Amalfi Coast. A group of mercenaries kidnaps Gina and Ray from their hotel. Mercenary leader Martin Axe (Toby Kebbell) confronts Ray and asks who told the Marines about the hostages and their location. Ray says he can’t tell her because he doesn’t know the information. Ex executes Gina in front of Ray. Ray vows to kill Axe, and the mercenary kills Ray as well.

Ray wakes up a few months later in the laboratory of Rising Spirit Tech (RST). RST is a Kuala Lumpur-based company that specializes in computer enhancements for disabled US military personnel. Ray suffers from amnesia and remembers little of his previous life. Dr. Emil Harting (Guy Pearce), CEO of RST and Senior Scientist, informs Ray that he is the first human test subject to successfully complete the Bloodshot program. The program resuscitates and heals Ray using experimental nanite technology that has replaced his bloodstream. This technology not only accelerates healing, but also increases its strength. However, Nanites must be replaced and recharged regularly or they will become damaged and die. The nanites make a glowing circle on Ray’s chest as he works at full power.

Dr. Harting has worked on other patients at the facility. KT (Eiza González) is a former US Navy diver who has had his lungs replaced. Former Navy SEAL Jimmy Darlton (Sam Heughan), who has had his legs replaced and is angry with Ray. Marcus Tibbs (Alex Hernandez) is a former soldier with keen senses. During his stay, Ray relives the memories of Jin and Axe and leaves to hunt down Axe and take revenge on him. The beam follows Axe to Budapest with nanites and RST servers. Ray kills Axe and all his bodyguards.

Back in the RST, Ray fell asleep while his nanites were rebooting. It is revealed that Harting is replacing Ray’s memories with a new scenario about how Gina was murdered, so Ray would take revenge on anyone Harting would program him with. In the new update, Harting replaces Ray’s memories with a new scenario in which Nick Baris (Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson) is the killer. The CT scan prevents Harting from manipulating Ray’s memories, but Harting reminds her that he can kill her at any time by disabling her lung reinforcements.

Ray brings Amnesia back to life and is reinstated in RST. He relives the memories of Baris’ kidnapping and the murder of him and Gina. He’s on Baris’ trail in East Sussex, seeking revenge. He kills Baris while his target desperately tries to convince Ray that RST is lying. A computer programmer named Wilfred Wigans (Lamorne Morris), forced to work with Baris, activates an EMP bomb that neutralizes Ray and disconnects his connection to RST. Wilfred works on Ray, loads him up with nanites. Ray is found by Wilfred in his office, sitting with conflicting memories about the identity of the person who killed Gina. Ray begins to realize that RST is manipulating him to kill enemies and competitors of the company. Ray finds Gina in London and learns that she is still alive, having broken off her relationship with Ray five years earlier. Even more devastating, Ray discovers that Gina has built her family and her life.

Back at RST, Harting is sending a scan for Wilfred. Instead of capturing or killing the programmer, she asks Wilfred to help her free herself from control of RST and destroy the company. CT goes back to RST and informs Harting that she has not succeeded in capturing Wilfred. At the same time, Ray is captured by Dalton and Tibbs, who take him back to the laboratory. KT and Wilfred sabotage the reprogramming process and destroy the RST computers. Ray wakes up after reprogramming with his memories intact. Dalton and Tibbs try to restrain Ray a second time, but fail after a long fight. The RST building’s been destroyed. He spoke directly to Ray, trusting that he would surrender when his nanites were exhausted. However, Ray is willing to die to kill Harting and sets off an explosion that kills them both.

Ray woke up later with a head full of memories, awakened by Wilfred. Wilfred told Ray that he had adapted his technology to make the nanites self-sufficient. Wilfred, Ray and CT start a new life where they have everything under control.

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