They’re multiplying. They’re coming out. They’re deadly.

Blue Monkey is a 1987 Canadian science fiction horror film about a giant, monstrous insect that devours humans in a quarantine hospital. Also known as an insect!

Directed by William Fruett (Killer Party; Spasms; Funeral Home; Search and Destroy; Death Weekend) from a script by George Goldsmith (Children of the Corn 1984) and Chris Koseluk (uncredited). Mithras stars Steve Railsback, Gwyneth Walsh, John Vernon, Joe Flaherty, Robin Duke and Susan Anspach. Produced by Sandy Howard (Race with the Devil).


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The plot is fast-paced and believable, and the special effects are decent. You’d think the rubber suit was outdated, but it actually works, and the worm coming out of Fred’s mouth is pretty good too. The casting of credible actors also helps Blue Monkey a lot. Exploitation!

When it’s on screen, it’s pretty impressive for the budget they probably had to work with. With the exception of a quick decapitation, however, the beetle can’t do much other than wood, and during its prime it is covered in laser beams. There are many films that look cheap but aren’t, but Blue Monkey does little to make you forget that it’s not a Canadian tax haven. Cyborg City 3000

Blue Monkey embraces its delicate trophies and gives the subgenre, if not the subject, a modern aesthetic twist. The blue and black wear medical equipment, probably to cover a lack of effects budget, but it works as an atmosphere. Another part of the charm lies in the standard characters and resulting story arcs. There’s no need for boring stories and redemption songs if the right cast can sell the illusion well enough. Daley Tot

It’s one of those movies that I think they read better than you do, and it’s kind of sad. Again, I have to give a price for practical results. They are fun to watch when they show up. However, they are so marginally filmed (quick cuts, muted lighting, strobe lights, shaky hands) that one can never really appreciate the work that goes into them. Men’s Blog at Midnite Cinema….

…has a good buildup and a third act, but the middle section is filled with horrible assholes, with people constantly wandering the dark corridors or going into the boiler room to watch the creature lay its eggs. Babies run around the hospital causing problems, with little funny help provided by stars Joe Flaherty and Robin Duke (also an SNL veteran) in the role of expectant parents bakers and nerds who show up to deliver while the baby is not yet in labor…. is. A good and efficient meat processing plant

There will probably be a lot of blue light in the final third.  There is no monkey. Is this a comedy? No, it’s really full of death and violence and chaos. Is this a horror movie?  Mostly, but there’s also Joe Flaherty, a former SCTV alumnus, who plays a supporting role.  So, overall, it’s a horror movie with an actor, a comedy with a murder, there’s no monkey in it, and it’s just kind of weird. Mondo Bizarro.

Joe Flaherty brings comic relief by playing a man who drives his wife crazy. A bunch of horny youngsters (including a young Sarah Polley) manage to sneak in a random loop of the film’s title. The titular monster is in the shadows and rarely seen, but the sticky monsters and gore effects by the late Mark Williams, FX wizard, make this film a thrilling finale worth waiting to fill the entire first half of the film. Sensation cinema

Cameras Joe Flaherty gives a brief comic relief demonstration, but can’t do much with the equipment he provides.  And a completely selfless comic book gives us a cure for a mysterious illness. The movie isn’t great, but it’s fun, moves well and even has some good scary effects. Rivets on the poster

The blue monkey is most effective when targeting the giant insect that kills people. The whole flashback subplot is like filler, and the film slows down in slow motion during these scenes. The insect scenes would be decent if we could see it. Director William (Funeral Home) Fruit usually plunges him into almost total darkness. Vacuum for video

…we have a giant beetle, beautiful virgins in grave danger, a grumpy cop trying to save the virgins, an abandoned insane asylum, and a huge laser cannon. Okay, well… A little unnerving, perhaps, but these ingredients blend together to create an effective piece of horror that contains a few images that will stay in the memory. Zissky Emporium for B-movies


Dr. Rachel Carson: We still have a few bugs to fix.

The actors and characters:

Ivan E. Roth… CreatorSteve Railsback… Detective Jim Bishop-Gwyneth Walsh… Dr. Rachel Carson-Don Lake… Elliot JacobsHelen Hughes… Marvella HarbisonSandy Webster… Fred AdamsSusan Aspak… Dr. Judith GlassBill Lake… ParamedicPeter Van Wart… OscarDon Richie… Orderly #1Stuart Stone… Joey-Marsha Moreau… … Marcy-Nathan Adamson… TyroneSarah Polly… Ellen Joy Cahill… Dede WilkensCynthia Belliveau… Alice BradleyJohn Vernon… Roger Levering-Philip Akin… Anthony RiversLaura Dixon… Desk Sister #1Robin Duke … Sandra Baker-Joe Flaherty… George Baker-Jane Dingle… Office Nurse #2Dan Lett… Ted AndrewsMichael J.G. Gillman. Reynolds… Albert Hooper-Michael Caruana… The engineer Gina Wilkinson… Sister Michelle-David Clement… Surgeon Ursula Balzer… The operating room. Sister LeRuby… Rollo JordanReg Dreger… Police officer Karen Scanlan… ISO SisterRalph Small … GuardianHarry Booker… Bill ClemmensJoe Bates… Sister Lobby (with Jo Ann Bates)Walker Boone … Johnson 1×09 Rob Wilton… Paramedic #2 (under the name Robert Wilton) Alan Rosenthal… Dr. Steinberg 1×09 Ken Quinn… Patient

Shooting Locations:

Humber College – 3199 Lake Shore Blvd, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. St. Louis, Missouri
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Recording data :

9. February 1987 to 13 February 1987. March 1987

Working Title :

Green monkey

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