Boris Turgenov, who played Andriyko in the film ‘Crimson Dynamo’, is one of the most versatile Russian characters in film history, and his many roles in the theater, cinema, and television are a testament to his talent. He is best known for his roles as an actor in the theater, where he played many roles including the title role in ‘Boris Godunov’, roles in ‘The Seagull’, ‘Anna Karenina’, and ‘War and Peace’, as well as ‘The Caucasian Chalk Circle’, ‘The Crocodile’, ‘The Black Swan’, and ‘The White Guard’, and the role of Zosima in ‘The Brothers Karamazov’, among many others. His film

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Crimson Dynamo (Russian: Красный Даун) is the codename of the chief of the Soviet Department of Internal Security, a government agency in charge of the protection of the highest state interests and Soviet leaders. The agency was founded in 1923 and ceased to exist in 1987, when the USSR collapsed.

I’m in the process of introducing my wife to the MCU, and as I was watching Iron Man 2 together, I noticed a detail that I had previously missed (my bad). When Ivan Vanko, played by Mickey Rourke, receives a fake passport from a Ten Rings agent, the name on his passport, and thus the alias he adopts, is Boris Turgenov… a name that is certainly not random. Since the film version of Whiplash contains some elements of the Crimson Dynamo, it’s not surprising that Turgenov makes an appearance, since he’s the second person in the comic to (briefly) assume a pseudonym: Let’s take a look together.

Boris Turgenov was born in the USSR and was a loyal agent of the communist regime. He is recruited by the KGB and gains notoriety as a deadly assassin whose superior strength comes in handy when carrying out a number of seemingly impossible missions. With his impeccable track record, Boris was personally summoned by Nikita Krushev in a very sensitive matter: One of the greatest Soviet scientists, Anton Vanko, an armored hero known as Krasni Denamit, had defected to the United States and now worked for Stark Industries, where he sold his genius to the enemies of the people. The situation became a national embarrassment, and Turgenov was ordered to travel to the United States with fellow spy and assassin Black Widow to find Vanco and kill him, his employer Tony Stark and their protector Iron Man. The two agents used a submarine to enter the United States, and there they used false identities to impersonate Ukrainian citizens: Boris was apparently a science teacher who came all the way from his home country to visit Stark Industries and marvel at the progress of the western world. Stark bought it, largely through the beauty of Madame Natasha, who successfully seduced him, and Turgenov gained access to its headquarters in Flushing, New York. There, while Black Widow distracted Stark, Boris effortlessly penetrated the forbidden zone and just as easily found the traitor’s laboratory: He used an experimental spray to loosen the metal wall in front of him and then tore it apart with his bare hands, startling the scientist. Turgenov neutralized Vanko with his reactive stunner, then turned on one of Vanko’s recorded reads to make the guards outside think he was still in the lab. Finally, he took his prisoner in a bag.

By leaving Vanko in the submarine, Turgenov only accomplished the first part of his mission: He took the prisoner, returned to Stark Industries, infiltrated Vanko’s lab again and donned the Crimson Dynamo suit, using his advanced weapon to destroy everything in sight while trying to kill Stark. When Iron Man arrived, he misjudged the situation. He thought Anton Vanko was wearing the suit and started helping him get the gear out from under the rubble….. Fehler, den Turgenov schnell ausnutzte, indem er dem amerikanischen Helden in den Rücken schoss und ihn ausknockte. Noticing that Iron Man was trying to retrieve a device, an experimental laser cannon, the new Crimson Dynamo took the armored Avenger and the device to a submarine, ready to set sail and return to Russia, where the two criminals would be executed. Unfortunately, the other KGB agents holding the two prisoners were not as effective as he and allowed them to escape: Iron Man and Vanco tracked down Crimson Dynamo and Black Widow while they were still busy stealing military secrets and experimental weapons from Stark Industries, and reintegrated them. Meanwhile, however, Turgenov was getting used to his new armor and was able to use it more than effectively: In der zweiten Runde mit Iron Man setzte erfolgreich Dynamo-Waffen ein, um die Rüstung seines Gegners kurzzuschließen und ihn sich selbst zu überlassen. But before he can kill Iron Man himself, Boris is interrupted by Vanko, who is trying to steal a laser pistol: Although it was an incomplete prototype, Vanko fired at Turgenov, causing a powerful explosion that killed them both. In any case, with Vanko’s death, Turgenov died after accomplishing his original mission.

Boris Turgenov may not be the most brilliant man the KGB has to offer, but he is dedicated to the communist cause to the end and makes up in ruthlessness and courage what he lacks in intelligence. Himself a normally unnaturally strong man, Turgen becomes even more tödlicher, when he anzieht the Crimson-Dynamo-Anzug, die zijn stärke weiter erhöht, ihn praktisch unverwundbar macht und ihm die Kontrolle über mehrere auf Elektrizität basende Waffen gibt. A ruthless killer, the new Crimson Dynamo lives and dies for the mission: Everything else is just a distraction… or a personal favour.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ivan Vanko a Crimson Dynamo?

No, Ivan Vanko is not a Crimson Dynamo.

Is Anton Vanko Whiplash or Crimson Dynamo?

Anton Vanko is Whiplash.

Are Crimson Dynamo and Whiplash the same person?

No, they are two different people.

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