Frank Grillo + Joe Carnahan = Modern Ultimate Action Awesomeness!

For example, a few years ago it was revealed that director Joe Carnahan would star/producer Frank Grillo in a film called LevelBoss, a spherical action film with a synopsis of the plot that can only be described as Groundhog Day and Crank. This is the kind of movie you’d expect from Joe Carnahan. The cast also included Naomi Watts, Michelle Yeoh and Mel Gibson. And frankly, I’ve been there.

But then, like many other action fans, I waited and waited and waited. Nothing came out. Where the hell is the boss’s level? ??? Why doesn’t he come out? No answer. I was beginning to doubt if he would ever come out. Then we’ll take a break. Turns out Hulu has the movie and will release it on the 5th. March 2021 will be published. All action fans breathed a sigh of relief. We finally have LevelBoss! So here we are. 5. Mars. I can finally see the movie many of us have been waiting for. Was it worth it? Let’s dig in, huh?

Black with blue pendant: Proof that Frank Grillo makes every movie better.

CMAU controls boss level

A retired special forces officer is caught in an endless time loop on the day he died.

To describe the final boss, I think I’ll quote my good friend Todd Gaines when he said It’s the best Frank Grillo movie ever made. And he’s absolutely right! It’s the best movie Frank Grillo and Joe Carnahan ever made! These gentlemen have teamed up to make the first major action movie of 2021. No joke, boss ‘s level is permanent chaos from the first image, and he rarely gets up again!

First, I want to talk about the main attraction of the film, Mr. Frank Grillo. If Frank Grillo doesn’t make him a big star, I’ll go crazy. He’s basically the whole show here, and he carries this film thoroughly and effortlessly. More moving than a Roman god, more cruel than a Siberian tiger, and more heartbreaking than the heart that the evil Stallone rips out at the end of Rambo . Last blood. Maybe that last one was a bit of an exaggeration, but you know what I mean.

Jiu Jitsu: Nicolas Cage brings a suspenseful, wild, crazy and unparalleled action.

Frank Grillo goes to the next level.

In layman’s terms. Grillo is the perfect leader, and this perfection is especially evident in him. I’ll say it now, from now on I want Grillo to be the star of every major action blockbuster. Forget Dwayne Johnson. Forget Liam Neeson. Give me Grillo! And also Scott Adkins.

The rest of the cast doesn’t do much, as that’s almost all Grillo, but they still shine with the time we give them. Gibson is a big bad boy, Michelle Yeoh is cool in Alaska and Naomi Watts shows why she is one of the most talented actresses in the 5 minutes of screen time she has. But the best supporting role is undoubtedly Selina Lo as Guan Yin, one of the many killers Grillo has to get rid of, and by far the biggest thorn in his side. She is absolutely fantastic and fun, and I hope to see her in something soon. Preferably an action movie where she shows off her incredible swordsmanship.

Mel Gibson is Santa Claus in the film Fat Man (2020).

But, how safe is it?

Now we come to the most important part: action. And now… That was great! You get an endless smorgasbord of action scenes, and it’s all so clever. There were shootouts, sword fights, car chases, mini-flights, grenade launchers, multiple beheadings, helicopter crashes and many explosions. Bloody carnage! And it’s all handled incredibly well by Carnahan, who keeps things moving along at such a fast pace that it feels like it goes on for an hour. Seriously, this thing really moves. There’s never a dull moment. Well done, sir. Good job.

Is there a problem? Honestly? No. I don’t see anything wrong. For a movie like this, it was absolutely perfect. The action was great, the comedy was funny, and the dramatic moments were heartbreaking and moving. The film works on all levels. No pun intended.

So that’s it, level boss is everything I hoped for and more. And a thank you to Frank Grillo and Joe Carnahan for their brilliant entertainment. It was worth the wait.


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