The legal team of Jamie Spears, the father of pop star Britney Spears, has said that the singer can take control of her assets at any time in court. They also added that the singer did not file a motion with the court to terminate custody because the contract, which was negotiated in court more than 13 years ago, gave her father some control over her assets.

In a statement on Tuesday, Vivian Toreen, the employment lawyer at Holland & Knight LLP who represents Jamie Spears, 68, said Britney’s interests had been taken into account, with the courts ensuring that assets are regularly checked to keep them in good condition.

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She said the details of the conservation agreement between her father and a private company that jointly manages Britney Spears’ properties have been respected. That arrangement lasted until early 2019, when her father became the sole contact after the court granted the pop star’s request that her father take control.

However, a private company appointed by the court will continue to act as the guardian of his personality. According to Vivian, it’s about giving the right things.

She further explained that according to the custody agreement, her client Jamie had always represented Britney’s best interests because he cared about her and loved her as any father would, whether he was her guardian or not.

Attorney Jamie’s statement follows recent comments from Senate members representing Ohio and Florida, Representatives Jim Jordan and Representative Matt Gaetz, about guardianship. They proposed a bill that would allow people to dispose of their property without the interference of family members.

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The 39-year-old singer was placed under guardianship in 2008 and the court appointed her father as her primary guardian and attorney Andrew Purse as co-guardian of her estate. In 2019, Wallet relinquished his role as co-curator of his estate.

In September 2019, Jamie resigned as curator of his persona due to health issues. As an established conservative, Jody Montgomery has taken on this role.

The family tragedy of pioneer Ree Drummond

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To prevent her father from becoming the sole administrator of her estate, Britney filed a motion to dismiss with the court. She preferred that it be managed by a qualified private company named by the Bessemer Trust Company in another application later filed by her attorneys. The nomination was supported by his mother, Lynn Spears.

In November 2019, Bessemer, along with Jamie, were appointed by the estate’s co-curators to Judge Brenda Penney of the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Last month, Jamie Spears’ legal team filed a motion challenging the division of labor between him and Bessemer. Judge Brenda ruled in favor of Bessemer, who continued to serve as executor.

Further hearings in this case are scheduled for the 17th. March and the 27th. April scheduled.

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