Bruce Wayne was born on February 19. Bruce Wayne is the son of Thomas Wayne, a doctor, and his wife Martha. Martha Wayne was a member of the prominent and wealthy Kane family. Thomas Wayne’s family dates back to the founding of Gotham City. During this time, the Wayne family, led by Bruce and Lucius Fox, began construction, which continues to this day.

When Bruce was 8 years old and loved by his parents and the house servant, Alfred, his parents were brutally murdered before his eyes as he returned from a trip to the movies. On the night his parents died, young Bruce vowed to fight the criminals so that this tragedy would not happen to another child.

Bruce was placed in the care of the house servant, Alfred Pennyworth, and raised in need of nothing. But the fire of obsession raged in the boy, and he was trained from an early age to be perfect both mentally and physically. Bruce excelled both academically and physically. He received the highest academic awards, but they meant nothing to him except that he had surpassed his goal.

When Bruce finished high school, he went to college, and although he excelled in everything he touched, no one understood what his goal was, and Bruce kept silent about it. Bruce was brilliant at chemistry, engineering, biology, criminal justice, and all the other sciences.

Bruce did not play sports in college; he trained for hours every day in the college gym. Those who saw his body found it flawless, every muscle refined to perfection. Surprisingly, Bruce participated in the college drama program. As the most attractive person on campus, he could have gotten the lead role in any production, but Bruce refused to play it. He always preferred to play a role that required makeup and distorted his body. He became an incredible mimic and character actor. His fellow actors nicknamed him Lon, after the great Lon Chaney, who became famous for playing deformed characters on screen.

Bruce graduated cum laude from college and then disappeared from Gotham for several years. During this time he traveled the world learning various combat techniques and methods. He studied with the monks of Tibet and with the toughest professional detectives he could find. To learn the art of escape, Bruce spent some time under the tutelage of the Great Zatarra, one of the most famous sorcerers of his time.

Bruce returned to Gotham with much fanfare and joined the family business, where he learned all aspects of the business and management. At the same time, Bruce was dating all the young and future Hollywood stars and New York models. He could be seen in all the fashion ads, day and night. His reputation as a billionaire playboy grew during that time.

Bruce had achieved his goal. He was perfect, both mentally and physically. People thought he was just a socialite, a slight billionaire with more money than common sense. Since returning from Gotham, Bruce had spent considerable sums of money to build the world’s largest forensic laboratory in the caves beneath his ancestral home. Now Bruce was ready.

One night, while sitting in the library of Wayne Manor, a terrible storm blew in from the coast. The only light in the room was that of the lightning flashes that flashed through the sky. Bruce was deep in thought. He knew he must be something else. A second secret person who could wage a war on crime. Bruce already knew that Superman had made a name for himself in Metropolis, but Bruce was not colored and did not have good methods. He had to be something else, something darker.

Suddenly, a huge lightning bolt struck and at the same time, a giant bat broke through the large window where Bruce was looking out. At that moment, Bruce Wayne knew he would become a bat.

From that moment on, Bruce Wayne became Batman. One thought dominated his mind: That no child would ever lose a parent again.

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