Last week, as part of the FearTWWD program, Dwight was on the line again, but his wife Sherry refused to let him return to his dark self. But she had inner demons that had to be killed before they could really be together. Dwight and Althea joined Morgan as she continued her mission to kill Jeannie. Tank Town exploded this week and Jeannie suspects it was someone who sprayed the picture everywhere. The end is the beginning. Studies give rise to shocking surprises.

The end is the beginning of.

Me and Jeannie. (Colby Minifi) When she started asking: What does that mean? We wanted to know! As she tried to get answers from a Lawton citizen, who was one of those who sprayed the whole house with paint, we noticed that it made her nervous. But instead of getting answers, Lawton Woman made it clear that this motto wasn’t about her, it was about something much bigger. Before Jeannie was able to stop him, the woman committed suicide, so the answers weren’t taken from her under torture.

Large factory

Finally we saw what June (Jenna Elfman) was planning. She and Sarah (Mo Collins) worked in the back of Sarah’s big rig like a mobile hospital. It is particularly intense and nervously crippling when an appendectomy operation with bursting appendix was performed in June, but it soon ends with the patient dying on the table and being turned over.

Although they try with a heavy heart to keep their spirits high. They talk and think of Sarah’s brother, Wendell (Daryl Mitchell), and hope he’s okay. We hope he does. We miss Wendell. We miss everyone who was together.

When Dory (Garrett Dillahant) comes to meet them and takes them to their next destination, he mentions Janice’s original plan to escape in June, and how they could have done so. Dory admits that he can not handle it if he stays in Lawton. June’s more worried about getting caught. Bury-Her-Next-to-Jasper's-Leg.jpg AMC

We’re going to Tank Town.

When Dory, June and Sarah come to Tank Town, Luciana will meet them. The well exploded and there were still people down there. June and Sarah plan to take a truck to help those who are still there, but Jeannie shows up. She immediately suspects foul play. Then June made a decision. When she is done helping everyone in her power, she and Dory go away.

When the motto of the beginning of the episode is found on the tower next to the explosion of an oil well, Jeannie immediately explodes and decides to use all means to find the culprit. Meanwhile June finds Wes (Colby Hallman) We are so happy to finally see him, but not as badly injured as we are now. She refuses to leave him. However, Jeannie is determined to interrogate him after the paint splatters have been found in his bed. We know he likes to draw, but it still puts him in a bad position, especially because he’s dying.“Bury-Her-Next-to-Jasper’s-Leg”.jpg AMC

Until Jeannie kills him, June calms him down and saves him from further torture.

His mess puts Wes in a truck because all the wounded who were loaded before he died turn into walkers. While Sarah and Luciana load Wes into the truck, June and Jeannie stay behind to take care of the walker. Luckily for them the wind changes, and this leads to the burning fires being transferred to a couple of barrels. The explosion was really nice, but it caught June and Jeannie.

The next moment Jeannie and June tried to avoid a few setbacks, but Jeannie was bitten and – I’m not going to lie – it was so much fun! Although Jeannie’s ready to amputate her arm, June won’t allow it. It is a great opportunity to get rid of this woman, and after seeing how badly things went with Dory, she was ready to get rid of her. Eventually June will amputate his hand.“Bury-Her-Next-to-Jasper’s-Leg”.jpg AMC

Since Jeannie is in a state of elopement, June takes the opportunity to negotiate and try to get answers. If she’s lucky enough to find a match with the hospital, she’ll get Wendell back, too. Although the news is not so good for Dory. June changed his mind about running away with him. She’s tired of running and refuses to do it. When he could not follow them, Dory collapsed. It is a very touching moment, but we really hope that Dory will find Morgan and the others and that June will understand that he is right. Whatever they do, it will be unpleasant and we hope June sees everything as he does – and soon.

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